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The Top (Difficult) IT Projects for Growing Businesses

To stay relevant, to keep customers engaged, to improve workflow, modern businesses must explore new technology regularly. When the stakeholders agree that new technology should be implemented, the project has the best chance at succeeding. However, challenges like team inexperience, perceived risk, budgetary uncertainty and the dreaded “analysis paralysis” can become reasons that IT projects […]

IT Planning for Open Floor Plans

It’s the new standard in office layouts. Open floor plans account for about 70% of American office spaces in the United States today. Businesses choose open floor plans because they allow greater collaboration between team members and create greater flexibility in working conditions. This means greater rapport among team members and also greater productivity potential. […]

How to Tell if It’s Time for Professional IT Services

Businesses are like high-end watches: they’ve got a lot of moving parts. And when one or more of those moving parts functions poorly, it has the ability to throw off your timing completely. For watches, that can mean replacing gears and dials to get things back running in sync. In business, it can mean replacing […]