Find the Road to Business Growth with Strategic IT Planning

Where Is the Path to Business Growth?

Stalling in business growth is extremely common. We talk to businesses every day who are stuck in a rut. The path out is one of
the toughest roads to find and, once found, even harder to navigate.

To find your path to business growth, you’ll need the tools, the advice, and the guidance of those who have taken the journey.

Strategic IT planning is a crucial part of our managed IT service.

  • Holistic analysis of your system
  • Voice and ISP systems audit
  • Network speed testing
  • Regulatory compliance checks
  • IT strategy planning
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • IT budgeting
  • IT best practices
  • Virtual CIO on hand
  • Improve relationships and increase revenue
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Meet Your Guide

Axxys has a proven track record of helping businesses just like yours set and reach realistic goals by providing you with a roadmap to points B, C, D, and beyond, plus guidance along the way and the tools you need to make the path easier.


  • Holistically analyze IT to find your strengths and weaknesses
  • Audit voice and ISP systems and relationships to drive savings and reliability
  • Test network connectivity and security to ensure optimal speed and confidentiality
  • Evaluate regulatory compliance to avoid potential non-compliance fees and damages


  • Develop an IT strategy to strengthen weaknesses and promote organizational momentum
  • Create a backup and disaster recovery plan for business continuity
  • Determine which solutions and services will best suite your unique needs and situations
  • Solidify a technology budget to account for improvements and maximize ROI on your IT spending


  • Implement the best solutions and services under expert supervision and guidance
  • Utilize Axxys as your virtual CIO to integrate professional IT oversight into your business
  • Drive newfound transparency and efficiency armed with a detailed IT strategy
  • Improve client relationships and increase revenue with better tools and more

Axxys Knows the Way

Not only do we know how to find the road to business growth, we’ll be right by your side, taking the path with you. It’s always better to head into the unknown with someone who’s done it before. Axxys provides…

  • … the guidance
  • … the tools
  • … the best chance for success
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“Discover a New World of Professional Services with an IT Consultant”

There’s a lot more to read about how IT consultants can use professional services to help you go to the next level. It’s a free read.

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“I want to thank you for building an organization that I have come to rely upon to assist me when I need subject matter expertise. And for developing depth in your staff who are knowledgeable, professional and are personable. Axxys Technologies is truly our trusted partner.”

David Lane, Director of IT

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