Meet Compliance Requirements with Ease

Whether you are required to meet HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, or other industry or government regulations, limited internal IT resources, time, and expertise can make it an almost impossible task for you to meet mandatory compliance demands.

Maintaining these consistently high standards requires a managed security partner that has the IT infrastructure to help you meet current mandates but also the expert team to take on the supervisory responsibility.

Axxys’ compliance-based IT security service enables you to meet compliance requirements with ease by helping you keep on top of the regulations you must adhere to and meeting regulations that we, as your IT partner, must follow as well.

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Axxys IT Security Controls Include:

  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication
  • Inventory management
  • Single sign-on
  • Continuous network monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Advanced email compliance and cloud-based backup
  • Firewall for cloud services
  • Access to vCISO services
  • All Axxys compliance measures meet the NIST Cybersecurity Framework


Axxys’ internal security controls and deep expertise in compliance best practices enable us to become a full member of your IT team. We can take over all compliance responsibilities so you can focus on other important business.

Customized support

Customized Support Across
the Compliance Journey

Being compliant is more complicated than just checking off boxes on a to do list. Axxys takes the lead from providing an internal requirement framework to developing a detailed plan to attaining compliance and demonstrating all security and data management measures are in place.

Regular Risk Assessments

Comprehensive Expertise with
a Security First Philosophy

Few IT service providers are able to actively demonstrate their deep expertise across compliance, cybersecurity, and vulnerability management. Axxys’ security first philosophy ensures that you receive a custom managed security solution from an expert IT security team.

 Demonstrate Compliance at a

 Demonstrate Compliance
at a Moment’s Notice

Not only can we help you achieve and maintain compliance, but we will provide you with the attestation documentation you need to demonstrate that Axxys’ data management and storage measures are compliant as well.

Incident Response Planning

Managed IT Security
Your Way

While IT security is at the core of our managed and co-managed IT support services, we do not require you purchase those IT support services to meet your company’s security needs. Our managed security service can be purchased as a standalone solution with our certified security team working as your partner in IT management.

I want to thank you for building an organization that I have come to rely upon to assist me when I need subject matter expertise. And for developing depth in your staff who are knowledgeable, professional and are personable. Axxys Technologies is truly our trusted partner.

David, Director of IT Entertainment Industry

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NIST Controls Help Companies Across All Industries Achieve IT Security Compliance

While the NIST Cybersecurity Framework was created to provide a set of security controls for information systems at U.S. government agencies, they can be used by companies across all industries as best practice standards for maintaining a high level of security.

Our Axxys managed security infrastructure was built on the foundation of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and our managed security services are based on the four NIST implementation tiers.

Our expertise in and commitment to NIST standards provides peace of mind that we take a security first approach to helping you achieve your company’s IT and business goals.

Contact Us to Discuss How Axxys Can Ensure Your Business Meets Compliance and NIST Security Standards.