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Office 365

Microsoft Office has delivered some of the most desired products in the market, for business and personal use.

But it may be time to graduate to a suite of applications that better fits the evolving needs of your business.

Office 365 is the cloud-enabled version of Microsoft Office that’s taking business by storm. Because it’s loaded with expanded capabilities to meet all the new demands of digital business for your company and your customers.

Features of Axxys’ Office 365
Migration and Support:

  • Secure online access to files and data
  • Multi-platform computing
  • Store data behind encrypted locks
  • Synchronized email and calendars
  • Mobile device access
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Remote meeting spaces
  • Automatic software updates
  • Scalable pricing and packages

How to Get the Best Deal on Office 365

To get the best package for Office 365 to fit your business, you can contact Axxys for full support and expert guidance.

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Critical Applications

We assist you with selecting the best products, developing a migration plan to move your company’s critical documents and applications to the cloud.

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Full Migration Support

During the entire migration process, we support you every step of the way.


No Loss in Productivity

We also help you prevent damaging downtime that stops your operation in its tracks.


Long-Term Benefits

Most importantly, we help you save money at the same time.

“Axxys really understands our business, and the importance of our need to be up and running 365 days a year so we can support the families who stay here. It’s nice to know that when we need them we can call and talk to someone and not wait four hours to get a response. We love Axxys!”

Jill Cumnock, CEO

Ronald McDonald House of Dallas

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Migration and Support Efficiency

Are you worried about moving everything over to 365? Don’t be. Office 365 makes cloud migration and support easier and more beneficial than ever before.

And if you are short on resources or expertise, Axxys can help you make the switch to Office 365 without losing time, money or data.

When you choose Office 365 with support from Axxys, your company will reap the rewards.

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“Why Office 365 Support is Becoming Imperative”

When your company makes the switch, support for Office 365 is critical for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Don’t Settle – Get the Best Cloud Service for Business

Let the Cloud
Work for You

The cloud is an affordable and effective solution for your company’s data requirements, security protocols and access demands.

Instead of stressing over maintaining costly server hardware onsite that can crash or become compromised, the cloud can take over and provide complete peace of mind.

Benefits of moving to the cloud:

  • Permits 24/7 monitoring
  • Little or no downtime during business operations
  • Encrypted data security
  • Stores important data in an offsite location
  • Completes regular backups to avoid data disasters

Break Free from Wires with the Cloud

In the past, businesses felt secure inside the four walls that surrounded them. But even those walls aren’t secure now that intruders can invade through the internet. The cloud beats them at their own game, and making the switch to cloud computing delivers great benefits too.



Allow your staff to work remotely with the same security and productivity you enjoy at the office.


24/7 Monitoring

Monitor possible security threats at all times, so you can sleep better at night.


Top-Tier Encryption

Store encrypted data with enterprise-level security, regardless the size of your company.



Improve security beyond in-house servers with some of the industry’s best automated techniques.

“Axxys does a Great Job of identifying, presenting and implementing the right solutions quickly when I have a problem that arises. Because they are so responsive, knowledgeable and work well with my employees, I would refer Axxys to anyone!”

Karen Bitzer, CIO

Roach Howard Smith & Barton

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Look to the Cloud for Business Efficiency and Security

Cloud computing provides growing businesses with benefits they never imagined: taking workplaces out of the office, tossing out bulky and costly servers, collaborating across the globe, and improving security for all users.

When you team with Axxys Technologies, cloud computing makes doing business easier and more profitable.

Contact us today to learn more about the cloud.

Let’s Talk About Your Migration to Office 365

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Why Businesses are Making the Switch to Cloud Services

Cloud services are affordable, scalable, create a better end-user experience, and ultimately make every company an innovative one.

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