New Automotive Dealership
Fort Worth, TX

Industry: Automotive
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Date: Aug 28, 2013


Relationship: 2011 – present


Client was adding a new building, which meant they would be outgrowing their exisitng Cisco Small Business Phone System.

Solution Selected

Cisco Business Edition 6000


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The Project:

With the growth of the dealership came the need for an additional building to host more offices and new employees. Their current Cisco Small Business Phone System was going to need to be replaced to handle the addition of more staff and facilities to ensure that the expected level of quality communications was maintained. After presenting the client with multiple solution options that would stay within their predetermined budget, they decided to go with the Cisco Business Edition 6000.

The Cisco BE6000 provides them the ability to scale up to a larger voice solution without the price of purchasing all new handsets allowing us to use what they had and just add the additional handsets they would need. The new system enabled them to scale their existing Telco infrastructure to include the new building addition and 30 new employees. Overall, the the BE6000 added more stability to their existing voice network.

Technologies Implemented:

Cisco BE6000 Server
Cisco Router
Cisco Switch
Cisco IP Phones
Cisco Licensing
Cisco SMARTnet

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