REVIVE Backup/Recovery
Addison, TX

Industry: Financial
Location: Addison, TX
Date: Aug 28, 2013


Relationship: 2006 – present


Client’s preexisting backup solution no
longer meets the company’s disaster
recovery objectives.

Solution Selected

Revive Backup System

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The Project:

Evaluating the client’s need, Axxys developed a solution that delivered a quick time to restore files (minutes) and servers (hours) that met both the budget and recovery time objective. Deploying the Axxys REVIVE solution with two Windows Server appliances with image backup software and offsite secure data services, Axxys was able to implement a secure backup solution that exceeded the capabilities of the clients original tape system.

The client now has access to their data at anytime in the event there is ever a need to restore locally or at a temporary location.

Technologies Implemented:

Revive Backup Server

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