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3 business benefits of VoIP

Mar 22, 2018
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Voice over the internet (VoIP) is hardly an emerging technology. It’s been around for a while. But don’t take that to mean it can’t have a huge effect on your business connectivity and productivity.

VoIP enables a myriad of solutions and applications that can transform the way your company communicates while increasing your productivity in the process.

Here are 3 business benefits of switching to VoIP from plain old telephone systems (POTS).

Voicemail transcription for convenience

Have you ever been in a situation where an important call came in that you couldn’t take, even though the call might contain information that requires immediate action? With VoIP, your voicemails can be automatically transcribed and sent to you via email.

Which also means, no more scrambling to write down the contents of a voicemail, such as phone numbers, addresses, or other delicate details. Your VoIP system can transcribe this information automatically and send the record straight to your email for easy access.

That means you can access all the information right from your smartphone at the next available moment and take appropriate action without missing a beat.

Flexible call forwarding for better communication

And transcribed voicemails aren’t the only thing you can access from your smartphone with VoIP, either. VoIP’s flexible call forwarding feature means that not only can you forward calls from your desk to your smartphone but you can also use your smartphone to call anyone from your office number.

This protects your personal numbers and allows you to appear to be in the office even when working on the go.

In addition to these mobility features, you can also choose how to forward calls on the fly. Rather than simply sending a call to voicemail, VoIP allows you to forward it to your co-worker’s desk instead, or to a secretary who can take down the caller’s information.

This kind of call screening provides far more flexibility than the typical “check the caller ID” approach.

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Call recording for training and reporting

One of the most useful features of VoIP is the ability to record calls for easy playback later. No more struggling to handwrite or type out notes while handling the call at the same time.

Or else wondering what you might have missed in your sales approach after a shaky sales call ends. The call recording feature of VoIP allows you easy call review for training, reporting, and even for simply verifying your understanding of important information.

This feature can be particularly useful for conference calls. Which, by the way, VoIP also provides as a standard feature.

Did you know? 66% of CXOs consider mobile extensions of commonly used enterprise communications applications to be critical for their daily operations.

But what about conversion problems?

Here’s the real reason it doesn’t make sense to stick to the POTS approach. Your analog phone system can be instantly integrated into your VoIP system, making the transition both simple and convenient.

With the POTS phase-out already underway, eventually you’ll find that networks no longer support this legacy technology. Meaning the switch to VoIP has never made more sense.

And, honestly, once you switch you’re likely to wonder why you worked for so long without all the productivity-increasing features.

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