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Take Your IT Team to a New Level of Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency.

Most in-house IT departments are focused on managing the daily technology requirements of the organization and employees – replying to support requests, implementing hardware upgrades, and ensuring email is flowing.

What happens if you require specialized expertise to implement a comprehensive security strategy or need an additional set of hands when a member of your team is out of the office? While your internal IT team members are great employees who do their job well, they have limited time, expertise, and resources.

Axxys’ Co-Managed IT Services provide the specialists and extra set of hands you need. You determine what IT skills, expertise, or resources you require at any given time. You can easily change requests as your needs and budget change.

Our objective is to help drive increased operational effectiveness and efficiency across your organization by increasing human resource availability, strengthening skillsets, and deepening specialized expertise. As your partner in IT, we’re not here to replace your team, but to enhance it.

Co-Managed IT Delivers Only the IT Resources You Need, Nothing More.

Whether you have a single implementation project, daily tasks you’d rather not do, or specialized expertise you’re lacking, Axxys can provide the exact IT resources you need, when you need them.

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Flexible Staffing

Axxys’ expert engineers, network administrators, and help desk technicians, can quickly and easily slip into any IT support role you require – short-term or long-term, remote or on-site, tactical execution or strategic advice.

Expertise to Round Out Your IT Department

We’ve got you covered. From security and cloud, to backup and disaster recovery, our highly trained team of certified specialists have the expertise required to supplement your IT team.

Custom Agreement

There is no one-size-fits-all Co-Managed IT agreement. A successful partnership is one where we focus on our responsibilities and you focus on yours. Should you need extra help, you can let us know at any time.

Access to Industry Leading Tools

As a Co-Managed IT client, you will be provided with secure access to and use of our industry leading tools – from remote management of machines, to documentation, to our ticketing system, and network management monitoring system.

Let’s discuss how Axxys can provide the exact IT Support you need. Interested in working with a managed service provider? Request a quote today!

How are Co-Managed IT Services different than our Leading Managed Services?

Co-Managed IT Services

  • Responsibilities are shared between your in-house IT department and our Axxys team.
  • Over 30 years of expertise in specific areas such as security, infrastructure management, and complex cloud requirements means Axxys provides your IT team with additional knowledge they may be lacking.
  • Individual responsibilities can be offloaded from your in-house IT team, enabling them to focus on other important IT projects or more strategic initiatives.
  • You maintain control over your IT infrastructure and outsource only those things you choose to outsource.

Managed IT Services

  • We do the hard work for you. Axxys takes on the role of your company’s IT department.
  • You can return to the job of running your business rather than putting out IT fires or worrying about future technology requirements.
  • Axxys manages all IT services and resources so you have one point of contact rather than having to manage multiple providers.

Axxys Managed Security services take a holistic approach to Risk Managememt

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, Axxys Managed Security Services future-proof your business and establish a security-aware mindset across your organization.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of your business goals and a company-wide risk assessment, Axxys certified security professionals can develop and deliver a custom security solution to meet your specific needs.

With security at our core, we have the expertise and resources to support you in all areas of threat protection including industry best practices, meeting compliance requirements, incident mitigation, end user training, and much more.

Axxys managed security services can be purchased individually or as part of our managed or Co-Managed IT support services.

Meet Compliance
Requirements with Ease

Axxys provides customized support across your entire compliance


A foolproof risk management strategy requires a security first, unified approach.

Want to Offload All IT Responsibilities?

Axxys is the leading provider of fully managed IT services in Dallas. We’ll take over all your IT responsibilities.