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At Axxys we take a unique approach to helping the Dallas and Plano, Texas business communities move to the cloud. We believe:

Understanding all aspects of your organization including line of business needs, departmental processes, resource management, interdepartmental workflows, and growth plans, are as important as getting to know your technical requirements.

Moving to the cloud is as much about how it will impact your day-to-day business operations as how it will impact your technology spend.

We don’t start with a technology conversation. We have a business conversation to get to know you – how you do what you do, where you do it, and with whom you do it. Only then do we consider technology’s impact. That’s because there is no one size fits all cloud solution.

The combination of cloud services that is right for you today may no longer be the perfect solution as your organization evolves. Our ongoing business conversations ensure that as your company evolves, the technology enables you to stay three steps ahead of developing trends and your competition.

On-Premise, Hybrid, or Multi-Cloud Axxys CreatesHighly Secure Cloud Solutions on Microsoft Azure

Whether your goal is to foster collaboration across your organization, increase business agility, lead a digital transformation, decrease expenses, or expand operational efficiencies, our team of Microsoft Azure certified engineers can help.

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Performance and High Availability

Microsoft Azure’s innovative tools combined with Axxys’ high availability and low latency infrastructure to deliver the consistently high level of performance required by you and your end users.

Maximize Scalability

Maximize scalability with a custom cloud solution that integrates seamlessly with your current IT infrastructure, whether on-premise, in a hybrid environment, in a colocation setting, or already in the cloud.

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Mitigate Threats with Multi-Layered Controls

Safeguard data and mitigate end user cyber threats with real time cloud visibility and Axxys’ security-first approach to incoming user threats and outgoing data loss.

Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation

An Axxys engineered cloud provides your in-house server room and legacy hardware with the digital-ready foundation you need to accelerate your company’s digital transformation.

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Get the Most from Your IT ROI

Our highly trained team of certified Microsoft Azure engineers work closely with you to design, implement, and manage a custom Azure cloud to maximize its performance, reliability, availability, and effectiveness

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Realize Operational Best Practices and Meet Compliance Requirements

Axxys’ specialization in the Microsoft cloud enables you to benefit from our knowledge of operational best practices and ensures you are able to meet compliance requirements with ease.

“Axxys does a Great Job of identifying, presenting, and implementing the right solutions quickly when I have a problem that arises. Because they are so responsive, knowledgeable, and work well with my employees, I would refer Axxys to anyone!”

Karen, Director
Insurance Industry

Chat with one of our Microsoft Azure experts to explore your cloud options.

Axxys is expert at meeting your unique server requirements.

  • Frequently fluctuating workloads that require a quickly and easily scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • Mission-critical applications and sensitive data that require a highly secure cloud environment separate from standard business applications and data storage.
  • Big data processing which can consistently manage and analyze high volumes of data in a secure environment.
  • Incremental migration where you determine the workloads to be moved to the cloud and the speed in which it is done, enabling you to grow your cloud resources as you feel comfortable.
  • Future-proofing IT and business needs by enabling you to quickly overcome unanticipated changes in business objectives and maintain consistent, on-going growth without added expenses.

What Sort of IT Support Do You Need?

Fully Managed IT Services

If your objective is to outsource all technology responsibly to an expert team who can be your IT department, we can do that.

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Occasional IT Assistance

If you just need a second set of skilled hands to manage a particular project or augment your in-house IT team, we can take some of the load off your shoulders.

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Consulting or Advisory Services

If you are looking for a trusted team of IT specialists with deep expertise in cloud, infrastructure management, and advanced security techniques, we’re here for you.

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Let’s discuss your specific needs.

Call us at 214-297-2100 or contact us to request a meeting.


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