Data Backup & IT Disaster Recovery Services

All-inclusive protection from downtime and data loss.

Our comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solution gets your business up and running immediately in the event you can’t access your data or systems.

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Ransomware Protection and Recovery

Simple data backup is not enough when you’re under constant threat of a ransomware attack.

By the time you’re aware of what happened, your data is no longer under your control.

Our ransomware protection AND RECOVERY solution powered by Datto combines multi-layered backup verification and ransomware scanning with mandatory two-factor authentication, Datto’s exclusive Cloud Deletion Defense™, and backup snapshots that successfully recover accidentally deleted, corrupted, or maliciously ransomed data.

Unified Cloud Continuity

Easy backup and recovery from wherever you may be.

Continuous, Reliable Data Protection

Reliable backups, ransomware protection, automated reporting, and configurable alerts provide peace of mind that your data is in good hands and ready to restore when you need them.

Powerful and Secure Cloud

Cloud-based data backup and storage not only enables you to recover quickly from an outage or data loss, but secure cloud protection also helps meet regulatory requirements.

Minimum Downtime, Maximum Uptime

Multiple restore options, local or cloud-based server failover, and automatic application protection provide protection for every data loss scenario.

Renewed Focus on Business Growth

Streamlined business continuity saves you time, money, and headaches. Let Axxys focus on protecting and restoring your data while you refocus your time and energy on business growth.

High Performance Business Continuity Across Your Organization

Protecting your data where it lives – on servers, computers, and applications.

Server Continuity

Server continuity combines regularly completed and verified server backups, restore options for any scenario, local or cloud backup, built-in Ransomware detection and recovery.

PC Continuity

PC continuity combines image-based technology with reliable backup and restore of individual files or entire devices to protect and restore data still living on end-user desktops and laptops.

Application Protection

Application protection maximizes safeguards against permanent data loss, protects your business from ransomware, and enables quick recovery from inadvertent user error. What’s more, you only pay for what you use.

Axxys’ Disaster Recovery Testing is Like no Other.

Unlike other business continuity and disaster recovery providers who disrupt your schedule by requiring testing be done in the middle of the night or over a weekend, we test while you work.

That’s right. At Axxys, our server and virtualization techniques enable us to conduct disaster recovery testing during your normal business day while you work, with no disruption to regular operations and no overtime expenses. This is the only accurate way to determine how quickly, efficiently, and effectively your business operations can be restored following an outage.


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Additional Cloud and Security Services

Cloud Server and Infrastructure Management

Our public, private, and hybrid clouds enable you to scale quickly without any added infrastructure expenses.

Microsoft Cloud Services

Increase productivity, improve collaboration, drive operational efficiencies, safeguard data, and simplify daily tasks.

Communications and Collaboration

Text, meet, call, and collaborate in real time wherever you may be with communications and collaboration solutions from Axxys.

Cybersecurity Solutions

From endpoint protection to 24/7 monitoring, Axxys protects your organization from insidious cyber-attacks before they reach your network.

Vulnerability Management

We discover unidentified assets, conduct regular scans, perform threat prioritization, and mitigate and remediate weaknesses.