Communications and Collaboration Solutions

Better Collaboration and Communication with VoIP

You conduct business across many different devices and solutions. A modern-day struggle with business technology is finding a way to make all of your tools work together. Our unified communications offerings streamline your workflows by giving you access to integrated communication solutions. Spend more time conducting business and less time trying to connect and collaborate..

Experience the Features of a Modern VoIP System:

  • Always-on Availability
  • Find Me/Follow Me Call Routing
  • Auto Voice Transcription
  • On-Demand Music On-Hold
  • Data Usage and Call Reports
  • Call Screening and Redirect
  • Call Recording and Coaching
  • Auto Attendant

Get Modern Business Communications From Axxys

VoIP is the communication standard of the modern business world. Drop your old phone company and discover the world of features and benefits awaiting you.

Internet Telephony

Drive scalability, cost savings, and efficiency with a VoIP system solution.

Gain additional flexibility by hosting your setup on-premise or in the cloud. And add or subtract resources as your needs change.

High-quality audio and improved reliability will improve your overall communication quality.

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Enhanced Video Conferencing

Face-to-face video conferencing will help you form better business relationships.

Save the cost and time of traveling for in-person meetings while staying connected and productive.

Master digital conferencing to share documents, screens, and other types of content.

Innovative Collaboration Solutions

It’s not just floods, tornados and hurricanes. Plenty could keep you from your computers and other hardware. Your backup plan gets you back on track without missing a beat.

“Axxys does a Great Job of identifying, presenting, and implementing the right solutions quickly when I have a problem that arises. Because they are so responsive, knowledgeable, and work well with my employees, I would refer Axxys to anyone!”

Karen, CIO
Insurance Industry

It’s Conference Time

With VoIP, employees can easily conference across multiple devices.

Video conferencing has become an essential element of office communication that allows geographically dispersed workforces to communicate more effectively.

The World of Business Communications Has Changed

When you don’t stay current with modern business technology – especially in the world of communications – you tend to stagnate. It’s time to get current and break out of your rut.

Let’s Build Your Architecture.

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