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Security is not something you can just set and forget.

Your business is in a constant state of flux. Employees come and go. Personal mobile devices are used for company tasks. Confidential data is accessed from unsafe public Wi-Fi hotspots. Unfamiliar apps are downloaded to your network and basic passwords are created so they are easy to remember.

Keeping up with your company’s technology related vulnerabilities requires active investigation, testing, and tracking of your systems. Vulnerability management is a requirement for all security frameworks and guidelines.

Axxys Vulnerability Management service uses regularly scheduled, multi-level network audits to conduct risk and vulnerability assessments uncovering vulnerabilities, mitigating risk, and implementing best practice procedures to protect your organization, companywide.

Axxys Vulnerability Management Includes:

  • Continuous network monitoring including firewall, antivirus, and cyber security best practices
  • Public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure assessments
  • Critical/high vulnerability remediation
  • Incident response planning
  • 24/7 scanning and reporting on all systems to uncover known system vulnerabilities
  • Incident response planning
  • Access to vCISO services

Key Benefits of Axxys Vulnerablility Management

Effective vulnerability management combines asset discovery, network assessment, urgency appraisal, and risk mitigation and remediation.

Discover Unidentified Assets

Identify mobile devices, virtual servers, shadow IT, and other resources previously undiscovered across the network to add more complete context to the state of your infrastructure

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Conduct Regular Vulnerability Scans

Perform internal and external network device and configuration evaluations to detect known system vulnerabilities for remediation.


Perform Risk-Based Threat Prioritization

RVA (risk and vulnerability assessment) eliminates the most critical vulnerabilities based on their potential severity, asset value, and accessibility.

Mitigate and Remediate Weaknesses

Find, track, isolate, and update exposed access paths and vulnerable devices.

“Axxys does a Great Job of identifying, presenting, and implementing the right solutions quickly when I have a problem that arises. Because they are so responsive, knowledgeable, and work well with my employees, I would refer Axxys to anyone!”

Karen, CIO
Insurance Industry

A Foolproof Risk Management Strategy Requires an IT Partner that Takes a Security First, Unified Approach to your RVA.

While cybersecurity and compliance are critical elements of your company’s security and business growth, they are only two components of a three-pronged security strategy which most Managed Service Providers are unable to deliver.

At Axxys, we take a proactive, unified, security first approach.This means that identifying, mitigating, and repairing vulnerabilities across your network, devices and applications are as important as cyber protection and compliance and is an integral component of a comprehensive security strategy.

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