5 Useful Features of Cisco WebEx

Apr 19, 2018 | blog

In today’s dynamic business environment, companies are continuously looking for ways to improve their internal and external communication processes. Improving productivity and team collaboration is at the epicenter of nearly every business owner’s corporate strategy.

However, getting there isn’t always easy.

So how can companies combat poor team communication habits and project management stalls? Thankfully, Cisco WebEx provides an elegant, comprehensive solution to bring teams together and collaborate in real-time with web-based video conferences and file sharing.

Here are five useful features that Cisco WebEx brings to the table:

HD Video Conferencing

Cisco WebEx provides HD video conferencing for up to six participants at a time. Each conferencing participant has their own video feed, easily navigable in the personal meeting room. Active Speaker technology automatically switches the main video feed to whichever participant is speaking. It makes it easy to keep track of conversations.

Additionally, the video conferencing application supports any webcam or camera with USB connections. Participants will be able to contribute to the discussion regardless of their operating system or hardware.

Platform Compatibility and Data Protection

Whether teams are using desktop or mobile, Windows or iOS applications, Cisco WebEx enables easy cross-platform and nearly universal device operation.

Cisco features unparalleled secure data encryption, conference password protection, and network security protocols, keeping companies protected from sensitive data leakage when sharing documents and confidential conversations.

Another benefit of using Cisco is that the company has strategically located data centers worldwide. This means that all video conference sessions will have high-bandwidth transmissions, with virtually no network lag to cause video interruptions.

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Convenient Virtual Meetings Anytime, Anywhere

Companies with geographically diverse team members and international clients are always looking for ways to collaborate more efficiently and cut down on unnecessary travel expenses.

Cisco WebEx enables employees and clients to stay connected and share presentations all on one digital platform, keeping projects on schedule and on budget and relationships on track. This also helps to reduce the excessive emails and unanswered voicemails that slow progress and weaken results.

Integrated Communication

Cisco WebEx makes it easy for anyone to join video conference sessions even without video capabilities. Teleconferencing is one of the added benefits of the software, giving participants the ability to request callbacks for easy acceptance into the virtual meeting.

Meeting attendees can easily connect through VoIP and use headsets or built-in computer or mobile device microphones for audio-only participation. Anyone hosting the conference has the ability to control all communications directly from the web interface, enabling them to mute any or all participants as needed.

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Sharing Desktops and Documents

One of the most powerful features of Cisco WebEx is allowing participants to easily share their desktops or documents in real time. The host of the WebEx conference can set certain sharing permissions for applications or documents on their screen. They can then reassign this level of control to anyone in the group. A virtual whiteboard is also available to create annotation tools for note-taking and brainstorming.

The needs of business owners continue to evolve over time. However, the importance of incorporating efficient and productive team collaboration systems remains static. Cisco WebEx provides an elegant solution for keeping businesses connected with their employees and clients regardless of location, device or time.


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