All professional services providers are not created equal

May 18, 2017 | Professional Services

As the business world has shifted largely to the digital arena, a significant rise in the professional services industry has taken place.  Most small to mid-sized businesses have realized they need help with their networks and computing systems, and a lot of experts have come together to provide these services.  Unfortunately, not all professional services providers are created equally. Oftentimes, providers lack careful attention to detail, which can create headaches for businesses. In this blog post, we’d like to walk you through the differences between what we offer and the services of our competitors.

1. Experience

Arguably the most important factor in your search for a professional services provider is their experience. When we say experience, we don’t mean years of being in business.  What we do mean is years of combined knowledge and practical application from a team and the successful track record to support its efforts.  When you are looking for a good professional services team, you might want to examine team members and what they have achieved. A good IT services provider will be able to provide statistics and certifications to validate their sales pitch.

We urge you to take a look at our track record. Examine who we are and what we’ve done.  

2. Service

The second thing that makes a professional services provider stand out is how they treat you, their client or customer.  We don’t view you and your business as a paycheck or a number, quite the opposite; we view ourselves as an extension of your team.  As such, we treat your business, people, processes, and technology needs at every level of the project to ensure we are adding value and helping you achieve your business goals.

Our strategy is designed with your company in mind. First we meet with you and learn everything we can about your business, its processes and pain points.  Second, we collaborate with your team to best match our knowledge with your goals.  We listen to you and intertwine our expertise, working together to design a great system and strategy of execution. After we get your approval on a plan of attack, we apply this plan and get your company up and running with great IT services.  Finally, we manage your IT for you.  Our teams document, monitor, maintain, support, and report to ensure your network, security, and systems continue to operate at the best levels possible.  As a member of your team, we are thorough do our best to ensure your business is a well oiled machine.

3. Availability

No matter how well you plan and strategize network solutions, things can still go wrong.  From human error, to disaster, to hacking and viruses, there are a number of issues that can pop up at any time of day and on any day of the year.  A good service provider will be there for your team when something goes wrong.  Whether that means you can get them on the phone or check in with a help desk, we know you need access to support. Every moment your network is down, you are losing money. We know that.  Our guarantee is you will have an expert available to you for any issues that may arise to prevent downtime.  As we said above, you aren’t a number to us. You’re a partner, and we want success for your business.

Vetting service providers is essential.  You must be cautious who you choose to help your business technology run smoothly. From experience to customer care to accessibility, we believe our team at Axxys is the best.  If you would like to learn more about our processes or how we can help your team, reach out to us today.

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