Axxys Introduces Security Management Learning System

May 12, 2017 | blog, Education, Security

Any business – regardless of size, market, growth rate, or value – relies on technology and data in many ways. And for the past few decades, the good guys and bad guys have been playing leapfrog in regards to security vulnerabilities and defenses related to technology. The next challenge is securing the weakest link in security…. the end user.

In recent years, this has become more and more obvious as we continue to see various businesses (such as Target, Home Depot, InterContinental Hotels Group, etc.) as well as individuals fall victim to hacking attempts, identify theft, and many technology based scams. At Axxys, the most common fraudulent attacks we have observed in recent months has been due to accidental misinterpretation of an email and by clicking a link that begins an infection or data leak ultimately leading to downtime for the individual at best or for the entire company at worse.

These security breaches become an inconvenience as systems must be taken offline, thoroughly cleaned or rebuilt, and then brought back online. For others that are regulated by industry standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, this leads to possible fines or even criminal charges against the organization or users responsible for the incident.

So what can be done to change all of this and tip the scales in your favor?

We must test our users for vulnerabilities just like we test the systems, and then educate them on the pitfalls of today’s digital world which is chocked full of dangers.

Axxys is proud to introduced a new solution to threat challenges that can help to build awareness and knowledge for the end users, as well as test on a regular basis for vulnerabilities of the human component. This system is a 3-part solution:

End User Training

  1. Our training library has over 300+ on-demand resources available from 5-minute quick awareness videos to full curriculum courses around industry specific security requirements.

Security Testing

  1. Safe social engineering can be performed that will test a user’s willingness to click on links that could be harmful or put your information at risk.
  2. Users receive immediate feedback and coaching from the system on their actions and what to look for in the future.

Learning Management

  1. Our reporting and management system allows for quick and easy tracking of users who have completed training, perfect for keeping record of requirements for policies and/or regulations.

Using this system, Axxys can managed your security training and awareness for you, or provide you access to the platform allowing you to efficiently manage your needs.

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