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Axxys Managed Services – Priced to Scale

Feb 9, 2012
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A lot of our clients have asked how we price our managed IT services and why that model. The answer is very simple…“priced to scale.”  By this our offering is designed to scale whether your business is consolidating resources (people and gear), experiencing growth or cutting staff, or there is a shift in technology philosophy (Cloud for example). Whichever way your business is headed we are charging based on the number of end users/devices being supported.

IT Managed Service ProviderI have been in the IT business for over 15 years and I can tell you that no matter the size of your business…you need an IT department. This department needs to consist of an IT Manager, a Server/Network Administrator, and a Desktop Administrator. I know you’re thinking…Blake is out of his mind saying a 25-person company needs a 3-person IT department. Maybe so, but ask any IT Manager if he wants to clean spyware off a machine or a Desktop Admin if he wants to update documentation on a network. Both would tell you, “No”…at least that is what the IT pros at Axxys would tell you! Bottom line, Axxys managed services are priced to scale to the size of your environment, and Axxys provides the “3 person” IT department and complete support.

How about a pricing scenario: 2 servers, 20 users, basic network (switch, router and firewall), and full IT department documentation – $2,200 per month includes unlimited onsite andremote support.  Now let’s look at the cost of an IT Manager with minimum experience to handle this network…minimum $45,000 per year and then add 25% overhead for benefits. Then, what is the cost of the risk/cost of turnover???? Kind of a no-brainer.

While the word on the street says that IT is getting simpler with the cloud and remote computing, bring your own device, and all these avenues for remote connectivity…I can tell you managing data is complex, and takes day-to-day management.  It does not matter whether it is in the server closet, on a desktop, or stored offsite in the cloud. You need to manage user’s access to the data, provide a resource for users to get support when they have an issue, and partner with someone that knows both your business and IT strategy. There is a cost to this but the ROI is there if you look for it.

Be smart…hire Axxys.

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