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Why Businesses are Making the Switch to Cloud Services

Oct 26, 2017
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A couple of opposing conversations come up when businesses consider how and why they should make the switch to cloud services. The first usually discusses the lack of control, the threat of a large magnetic field, and security. The second supports the productivity benefits of migrating to the cloud, lower costs, and IT relief. You can tell where each camp resides. Where does your business?

Thousands of businesses are making the switch to cloud services. Where does that leave your company?

Why Cloud…Why Now?

Small and medium-sized businesses are inundated with articles, shared posts and sales pitches about “moving to the cloud.” But why move to the cloud, and why is it so important for businesses to migrate to the cloud now?Businesses have their own reasons for switching to the cloud, from security concerns and industry protocols to productivity demands and modernizing workspaces. The truth is that all companies can find real value in switching to the cloud.

What is the Appeal of the Cloud?

The easiest way to describe the cloud is as a virtual server. Instead of keeping large, bulky servers in a special room in your office, the cloud puts your company’s information and applications online. By making this move, your company benefits from round-the-clock monitoring, backup redundancies, portability and remote access. The cloud doesn’t confine businesses and employees to their office chairs and desktops with wires, servers, or on-premise software.

It starts with planning

The cloud is the next logical step for a cost-conscious company that wants to remain modern in a rapidly evolving industry, addressing the top 10 business priorities that drive annual plans and budgets:

  1. Cost containment and profitability
  2. Automation for efficiency
  3. Optimize existing investments and assets
  4. Improve business flexibility and management processes
  5. Cross-collaboration
  6. Competitive edge
  7. Increase market presence and market share
  8. Hire the best and brightest talent regardless of borders
  9. Interoffice communication
  10. Improved customer experience

For the growing modern business, meeting these demands can be challenging with an IT budget that results in more repairs than in proactive security and service. This is just one of the many challenges of juggling business operations and IT management all under the same roof.

Challenges with on-premise software and servers

Challenges with on-premise servers and software are plentiful. That’s why so many companies dedicate precious money, time and teams to meet their growing and changing IT demands.

Starting with the expense of maintaining these systems, small, medium-sized and large businesses hosting their own server(s) can spend as much as 75% of their total annual IT budget maintaining existing infrastructure.

The problems with maintaining on-premise servers boil down to affordability in most cases. Cost containment is a high priority for growing companies, and on-premise servers and software are often too unpredictable and difficult to maintain effectively in a small operation. Software licensing also takes a large bite out of an existing IT budget as businesses are required to purchase new licenses and update, support and maintain the software.

That price tag keeps rising.

Reasons for Switching to the Cloud

In just a few short years, users that make the switch to the cloud will make up more than half of the market. In 2015 alone, 37% of small business in America migrated to cloud computing. In 2020, Intuit predicts the number will surge to 80%!

The reasons for switching are those many small and medium-sized businesses can relate to, including the 10 points driving planning for growth and a new fiscal year.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go for Cloud Migration


1. Control and reduce costs

This is one of the most obvious reasons why small and medium-sized businesses switch to the cloud. The move to the cloud lowers costs when you take advantage of virtualization to relocate resources, increase the speed and value of existing hardware, and handle more tasks with less effort.

Virtualization in the cloud allows business owners to control costs on installation, hardware and devices, and frequent upgrades. It is also invaluable for small business to save money on frequent IT repairs. Without large IT budgets SMBs are often forced to rely on pay-to-fix (break-fix) repair services and patches that don’t resolve the real challenges.

2. Improve employee morale and collaboration

Smart business owners know the critical role that employee morale and interactions play in a company’s success. Implementing the cloud encourages users to get out of the office to network, to join meetings, and to work remotely. In the cloud, employees have secure access to all the resources, tools and systems necessary for their job without the risk of failure, loss or intrusion.

The cloud also helps attract the best talent for the company, regardless of geographic location. The same access, tools and communication features that benefit existing employees are equally important to bring the right talent onboard without exorbitant relocation costs or losing the talent completely.

3. Time and ease of migration

An IT analyst can get a company situated in the cloud with almost no downtime. This is because most of the work is done online, and large-scale overhaul isn’t necessary to migrate. From the time a company decides to migrate to the cloud to the moment they go live, the switch can take as little as four weeks. As a company grows, scalability of the cloud service becomes a strategic advantage as you configure your cloud setup to meet ever-changing demands, priorities, and resources.

These are just a handful of reasons why small and medium-sized businesses migrate operations to the cloud. The cloud is affordable, it is scalable, it creates a better end-user experience, and the cloud makes every company an innovative one.

Contact Axxys now to learn how to simplify your business operations by switching to the cloud.

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