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Cisco Jabber: Don’t Leave Anywhere Without It

Jun 19, 2015
‎ |‎ Axxys Technologies

I overheard someone on the elevator the other make the comment, “I never leave home without it.” That statement immediately brought back memories of those famous Karl Malden ads/commercials for American Express during the 70’s and 80’s. “Don’t leave home without them” – American Express Traveler’s Checks, and “Don’t leave home without it” – the American Express card. But of these two different products, they shared a message, a message that resonates across technology today…Mobility, take them wherever you go! (you could say it was “always have money with you” and that is still a solid message today too)

These slogans could definitely find a home in today’s tech world, and my first thought was this:

“Never leave home without them” – My mobile devices! Whether it’s my phone, my Bluetooth headset, my tablet or my office laptop, it’s clear that the one thing no one these days leaves home without is their mobile devices!

“Never leave home without it” – My smartphone! If I had to pare down my devices to just one, it will always be my smartphone. It for me, like most people, is a single lifeline to friends, family, the Internet, games, apps, services, home and even work. Yes, work, because my phone has the Jabber app installed which means I can be connected to everyone in my office via instant message, video conference, presence, and can make/take calls as if I were calling from my office regardless where I am.

So maybe the new American Express would be Cisco Jabber for the business professionals on the go.

Jabber: Anywhere, Anytime

Cisco Jabber is a collaboration solution for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones that enables a mobile workforce to go beyond the standard 9 – 5 business model. With Jabber, users can access everything from presence, instant messaging (IM), voice messaging, video, screen sharing, conferencing, and more. Every communication capability is delivered in a simple, secure, reliable, and familiar view that employees are used to in the office without a loss in the quality of voice.

All of these features make Jabber useful, but also critical, for businesses looking to accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce. Let’s say that a group of employees are working on a project that requires them to collaborate. They need to discuss the project’s progress and next steps multiple times each day, as well as share a large number of files. Yet the group is scattered across multiple offices, with one working in the main office, another at a satellite office, a third traveling from city to city and the last working from home.

With Cisco Jabber, this team can remain available for video conferences, group chat sessions and calls at any time throughout the day, as long as they have access to the Internet via WiFi or a data plan. And as a result, the project will maintain a track to success.

Cisco Jabber is ideal for customer service representatives, retailers, help desk support, educational efforts and more. Regardless where the user is, the custom will simply call that user’s direct phone line and receive service as though they were at their desk.

So maybe we can get Cisco to bring back Karl digitally for a new run of ads, “Cisco Jabber – never leave anywhere without it.”

Want to learn more about what Jabber can do for your business?  Give us a call at 214-297-2100 and we’ll help find the right collaboration solution for your business.

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