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Cloud Computing: The Best Benefits of Comprehensive Professional Services

Dec 28, 2017
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The future is in the cloud. 90% of organizations use the cloud in some way to smoothly run a business. We all know the benefits of convenience that are associated with the cloud. But the question most businesses are asking now is, how does the cloud offer strategic opportunities? With comprehensive professional services from Axxys Technologies, you begin to reap the true rewards of the cloud.

Solidify Strategic Objectives

Where do you see your business in a year? How about five? How is your tech strategy organized to drive you to your goals?

The key to strategic IT thinking is in solidifying your objectives. Knowing what we know about cloud computing as the future of business, you can be sure that your computing solutions need to not only align with your objectives but also propel them. Whether tied directly with the release of new products or services or part of your plan to reach a higher level of competition, your goals must be accurately developed and appropriately executed.

Think about your goals from a CIO perspective, where technology is more than just a tool – it also aligns with your business strategies.

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Accelerate Innovation

Cloud computing needs to be the bedrock of your technology objectives, giving you the freedom to strategize unencumbered. When it comes to innovation, however, the cloud is where many businesses turn. You ensure seamless interaction with the public through your API (application program interface). Modern cloud tech can greatly amplify the value of your API through speed and increased flexibility. Plus, you can innovate more quickly by amassing new cloud data, giving you access to a world of data by way of our global connectivity.

Enhance Project Completion

Project management in a cloud-based environment gives you many advances in project planning, including quicker completion times. Say you’re developing an app for your business. By utilizing cloud technology, you have scalable storage (unlike your on-premise server), so that as your team expands, your platform can grow in unison. Plus, with cloud technology, you have the security and compliance of an enterprise-level organization, no matter what size you are.

Improve Reliability and Efficiency

Reliability is always a topic of debate when organizations are planning their cloud strategies. But offsite data storage has to have the reliability and efficiency to meet the demands of the world’s biggest companies. This means that your projects have the same cloud reliability and efficiency as the big boys of industry. With good strategic thinking, you can eliminate all speed bumps that slow down your productivity.

Reduce Costs and Streamline IT Budgets

The beauty of cloud strategy is twofold. First, you pay only for what you need. Too often these days you get locked into contracts, have features and benefits you pay for but don’t need, and have to overspend to anticipate growth. Not with the cloud. With the cloud, you get infinite scalability. No extra features, no extra storage. Just what you need.

Secondly, cloud computing lets you switch from CAPEX to OPEX, which streamlines your IT budget. If you’re a young company, you don’t lose valuable capital expenses. Month-to-month payments keep all the surprises out of your budgeting.

Find the Road to Business Growth with Strategic IT Planning

Axxys and Cloud Computing

With Axxys Technologies, your team of cloud experts is behind you every step of the way. We help you determine how the cloud can integrate with your current processes and on-premise systems. We then find areas in your workflow that can be automated to improve productivity. Finally, we bring our C-level expertise on technology to your executive team, helping you align business strategies and objectives with your technology.

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Call us today to talk about how your cloud strategy should work for you.

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