Discover How Cisco Meraki Wireless Solutions Can Transform Your Business

Nov 2, 2017 | Whitepaper

Not too many years ago, accessing the internet was almost considered a luxury. You had to find an open phone line, dial in and hope the connection wouldn’t be interrupted. Then, business communications made a significant technological jump with the addition of DSL and T1/LAN lines to the workplace – which allowed us to be online all the time – dial-ups all but vanished from the spectrum.

Then, another major move forward: the introduction of Wi-Fi allowed us to move around with our connected devices within certain areas in the facility. Revolutionary, yes. But 3G and even 4G speeds suffered from some poor connectivity issues, and bandwidth became limited when too many people used the signal at once.  

It’s time to make another major technology jump. The incredible world of 5G will be here sooner than you think, and Axxys and Cisco Meraki are paving the way.

Is Your Business Ready for the Jump to 5G?

In 2009, the FCC officially switched television signals from analog to digital. While the images televisions received from that point instantly improved in definition, there were some drawbacks. One of the main issues was that the vast majority of older televisions could not naturally receive the digital signal. If you owned a television with this analog limitation, you had two choices: a.) Purchase a fairly expensive analog-to-digital converter to make the television work again or b.) get a new digital TV.

The biggest problem was that – despite the warnings – people just weren’t ready for the change. They just kept thinking they’d “cross that bridge when they come to it,” and then it became an immediate need when that bridge was finally crossed.

As it stands now, current wireless routers are not expected to be 5G-compatible, which presents a quickly approaching problem. With the 5G revolution approaching within the next few years, you have the opportunity to avoid the same transition problems. 5G is coming – but the question remains whether you – or the rest of the country – will be ready when it arrives.

The great news is that 5G-compatible routers are backwards-compatible with 3G and 4G signals — so if you were to make the change today, you could continue doing business as usual and then when 5G arrives make the transition seamlessly and efficiently.


Expand Your Wireless Reach – Even Outside

Improved wireless technology doesn’t mean only increased speeds – and those are greatly increased – but also boosted signal strength.

How often have you picked up your laptop or tablet, walked into another room, and sat down someplace comfortable to get some work done – only to see your internet connection is dragging so slowly that it’s borderline unusable? It’s happening more and more with shared connections, and the issue will only continue to grow as, according to Wi-Fi Alliance, 71% of mobile communications now flow over Wi-Fi.

Welcome to Cisco Meraki wireless solutions. Imagine grabbing your device, heading out to a remote part of the facility – even outside, if you like – and having just as much signal strength and speed as you would seated at your desk.

As your IT service provider, Axxys can add signal boosters in strategic locations throughout your facility – including outdoor wireless access points (WAPs) – to ensure your signal is just as strong and speedy as you need it to be, no matter where you are on campus.

But, what about the people who matter the most to your business – your clientele? Can you invite them to join in on the new technology?

Of course you can.

Give Clients and Customers Access without Reducing Your Speeds

Over the past few years, several business owners have expressed hesitation or concern about offering their visiting customers free Wi-Fi on site. The concern is understandable since wireless broadband is shared – an influx of customers using your Wi-Fi signal at once could leave too little broadband signal for you and your staff to do business.

But here’s the reality – many Millennials have admitted they expect to have free Wi-Fi available to them when they visit businesses. It’s important to them to conserve data on their personal wireless plans. So much so that 68% of these same Millennials also admit they make a conscious decision not to return to businesses which do not provide free Wi-Fi, and then try to find a competitor who will.

That’s an unsettling thought if you are on the fence about Wi-Fi, but it’s an encouraging one if you have the right Cisco Meraki solutions in place. With your current allowance of speed and signal strength, it’s fairly simple to designate a free and generous Wi-Fi signal exclusively for your guests and customers, reserving the lion’s share of bandwidth for you and your staff.

So, you have ridiculous speed. You have incredible strength. And you’re prepared for the future. That’s what Cisco Meraki wireless solutions can do for you.

Axxys Brings Cisco Meraki Wireless Solutions Right to You

We know the future is coming, and we’ve seen some of the wonders in store for modern business. Axxys is excited to bring those to you and your team. Let’s talk today about how we can bring your wireless solutions up to standards, up to speed and into the future.

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