Discover a New World of Professional Services with an IT Consultant

Nov 8, 2017 | Whitepaper

When world explorers first dared to enter the frontiers before them in an effort to find more opportunities for growth, they often had to do so alone and with little to no guidance. This often made the road before them greatly more frightening and treacherous.

However, those explorers who managed to find an expert to guide them along their way – such as Sacajawea did for the Lewis & Clark expedition, the journey instantly became easier, faster, and more productive.

 When your business is ready to pioneer toward the next level of success, you need an expert guide who knows the way, will take the journey with you, and will provide the tools you’ll need to succeed.

That expert is your IT consultant, and the tools you’ll require are provided in professional services.

Your IT Consultant Will Show You the Way

Stagnation. It’s a place no business wants to reach. Oftentimes, businesses will hit a “plateau” of sorts ­– working to their highest capacity while still turning out quality work. Pushing the envelope any further runs the risk of diminishing quality or disrupting the productive workflow, so change at this level can be terrifying.

Any change in itself comes with an inherent risk of disturbing a good thing. In 2009, Steve McKee published “When Growth Stalls, in which he notes that 41.2% of nearly 5,700 companies studied stalled in the previous decade. Why? Fear of changing things in order to advance.

. . . but still, you ask yourself, “are we capable of more?”

You are. Almost certainly. And change almost certainly can help you to achieve it. But it must be the right changes – at the right times and in the right places. For that, you need an expert.

You need an IT consultant.

As Sacajawea showed Lewis & Clark – there is a better way to go. We know how to get there, and we can show you the way to your company’s new frontier.

Everything You Need in Your Professional Services

Can you imagine an explorer attempting to navigate and chart the unknown without proper tools? Without them, they would simply be sailing blind, hoping that by simply pressing forward, they would encounter something good – rather than something devastating. 

No experienced guide would ever consider letting you begin an important journey without the proper tools to help you along your way. Nor would your IT consultant allow you to begin your company’s journey to a higher level of expansion without the right tools to help get you there.

After an initial assessment of all your current technology, your IT consultant will create a plan for acquiring all the equipment, software, and workflow adjustments you’ll need in order to get to where you want and need to be as far as productivity for that all-important journey. Bulldog Solutions reports companies who invest in automation solutions typically see:

  • 70% faster sales cycle times
  • 54% improvement in quota achievement

Your IT consultant will consider your budget and fit each item into the plan accordingly. Then, once everything is in place – when your technology is running like a well-oiled machine and your workflow has been enhanced with elements of automation in order to free up much of your teams’ time – only then will your journey begin.

Don’t Take the Journey Alone – Let Axxys Be Your Guide

Were you to ever choose to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest, you would likely seek out a Tibetan Sherpa whom had made the climb many times over. You would rely on their expertise to properly prepare you for the climb, to ensure you had the proper equipment for the journey, and to give you instruction, advice, and guidance until you reached the top. Why, then, would you expect anything less when attempting to take your business to the top?

The experts at Axxys know the way. We know what you’ll need, and we know how you should go about it. Let us bring you the professional services and the IT consulting you’ll require for this trip. We’ll be here for you every step of the way.  

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