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Documenting Your Network – Part 2 of 5

Jan 9, 2012
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Aside from a network diagram what are the other critical pieces of documentation to keep for your computer network? The Network Information File- It’s like your Facebook page if your Facebook page accurately tells everything about you. Ok, maybe it’s nothing like your Facebook page, but it was fun to see what it could look like.

A Network Information File (usually an Excel workbook with many tabs) provides extensive details on the entire IT system and documents the following:

    • Key contacts within the organization
    • Site particulars (codes to locked doors, security contact info, etc.)
    • End user matrix identifying personnel, departments and rights the users have to applications and data
    • Remote access information
    • Third party vendor list (phone system, telco, ISP, etc.)
    • IP Schemes
    • Email/Website information
    • Virus scan information
    • Microsoft and other licensing information
    • Printer information
    • Application information
    • Server information and specifications
    • Firewall information
    • Router and switching information
    • Back up information

More critical pieces of documentation to come next time so stay tuned…

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