Documenting Your Network – Part 3 of 5

Jan 27, 2012 | Networks

Moving right along… some of the other critical documents you should have and keep up to date for your network:

PC Setup Guide:

The PC Setup Guide is used to ensure a consistent setup and configuration of end user machines. This document allows for consistency within your infrastructure.  In other words, it helps you avoid the hodgepodge network scenario making it easier to support.

Administrator Password Change Guide:

The Administrative Password Change Procedure is a checklist and guide that ensures that all critical administrative and service accounts are identified, maintained, and updated during any system changes (personnel, threat defense, or maintenance) that would expose the system or its data to potential risk. All accounts that have elevated rights or access should be reviewed, documented, and changed if necessary.  This is most commonly used when an employee quits, or is terminated, so that the proper measures are taken to avoid a potential future security breach.

Security Review:

The Security Review is used as a guideline for hardening the IT network by asking questions about key security components such as business policies, systems management, and best practices for basic security components.

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