Documenting Your Network – Part 4 of 5

Mar 6, 2012 | Networks

The next two critical pieces of network documentation include the IT Recovery Guide and Business Process Analysis.

IT Recovery Guide

Now, this is not 12 steps for how IT recovers from drinking too much last night, but rather, the IT Recovery Guide is used to outline various possible failure scenarios that could impact your information systems. This document includes key contacts, third party representatives, system components, and step-by-step directions and communication requirements for recovering the IT system. This is not a disaster recovery or business continuity plan; it is focused strictly on the IT components.  Copies of this guide should be on file with key officers, personnel and vendors.

Business Process Analysis

The Business Process Analysis documentation outlines the function and workflow of each department, as well as how technology is used within those departments. The purpose of this document is to provide IT with an understanding of who they are providing services to and the impact technology has to different roles within the organization.

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