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Five Signs Your Plano Law Firm Needs a New IT Partner

Apr 25, 2023
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Are you an established law firm in Plano struggling with technology that just hasn’t quite kept up with your growth and changing needs? You’re not alone. Many firms around the Metroplex struggle when it comes to having the specialized knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate complex IT systems. With competition for clients from Frisco to Fort Worth, getting anything less than the best return on your IT investments can be holding you back.

From managing client data to ensuring workflows remain secure and efficient, a lot goes into successful IT management in the legal field. If your Plano law firm is experiencing any of the five signs we outline below, it may be time to start looking for a new IT partner.


Five Signs Your Plano Law Firm Needs a New IT Partner


You’re growing quickly

If you’re expanding your services or client base, the amount of data you need to manage also increases. As your business grows, so too should the size and complexity of your IT systems. This growth requires a level of technical expertise and scalability that many smaller firms don’t have. To keep up with your growth, partner with an IT provider that can support you as you scale.

If your current IT provider is struggling to manage and protect your client and company data, it may be time to find a new IT partner.


Your practice focus is changing

As legal practices evolve, so too must the IT systems they use. If your practice is branching out into a new area of law or taking on new types of cases, it’s important to make sure the network and tech stack are up to the task. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to efficiently manage the data associated with these new areas of practice. A knowledgeable IT partner can identify the right technology solutions that will enable you to meet the demands of your changing practice.

If your current IT provider is not introducing new tools and technologies as your practice focus shifts, it may be time to find a new IT partner.


Your business goals are changing

Your business goals should always drive your IT strategy. If you’re shifting focus and changing the way you do business, it’s important that the IT system also reflects these changes. As priorities shift, it can be challenging for law firms to tailor operations to new requirements.

For example, if you are aiming to take on larger cases, a larger quantity of cases, or hiring new associates then your technology needs to enable those changes. Working with an experienced IT partner can ensure your tools and processes are properly aligned to meet the demands of your new direction.

If your existing IT partner is not performing regular evaluations of your business initiatives and goals so they can provide services that support those changes, it may be time to find a new IT partner.


You’ve suffered an intrusion or data breach

Data breaches and malicious cyber attacks have become increasingly common. If your firm has experienced a data breach, it’s important to take steps to mitigate the impact and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. A qualified IT partner can implement the necessary security measures to keep your systems secure and protect sensitive client information.

If your business recently suffered a cyberattack, it may be time to find a new IT partner.


You are still using the same software as years ago

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s important to keep up with the times to remain competitive. If your firm still uses the same software as years ago, it may be time for an upgrade. A knowledgeable IT partner can identify the best solutions for your specific needs and provide the training necessary to ensure a seamless transition.

At the end of the day, having the right IT partner can make all the difference in helping your business reach its goals. If you’re noticing any of these signs, it may be time to take action and find a new IT partner for your Plano law firm.


How the Right IT Partner Can Help Your Plano Law Firm


Finding the right IT partner can ensure that your Plano law firm is prepared to handle the ever-changing needs of the legal industry. A knowledgeable IT provider is not only a resource for managing complex IT systems but also an advisor on how to use technology to meet your business goals. Below are some of the benefits of having the right partnership.


Improved collaboration

Working in the legal field can be difficult, especially when it comes to collaboration. Having the right IT partner on your side can make all the difference by helping you find new and innovative ways to work together.

For example, an experienced IT partner can introduce cloud computing solutions that promote remote work, allowing users real-time ability to collaborate in different locations.

The key is finding the right IT partner, one who understands both the unique challenges of the legal industry and how technology can optimize workflows. Ultimately, having a reliable IT partner in your corner will enable your law practice to collaborate more effectively and better serve clients.


Improved document management

It’s challenging for many law firms to stay organized and efficiently manage client documents. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to stay this way. Having the right IT partner by your side can streamline processes, such as enforcing consistent naming conventions. Alternatively, they can also ensure files are stored securely in centralized repositories to reduce human errors caused by misplacing or lost documents.

Automating document delivery services through an IT partner can also save time. Lawyers no longer must worry about manually copying out emails or scanning documents. All in all, having the right IT partner can help your law firm manage documents better and improve productivity.


Improved security against cyberthreats

Security against cyberthreats is an important consideration for any law firm. An experienced IT partner can provide the security your firm needs to handle sensitive client information with confidence. By leveraging the latest technologies, they can shore up defenses to protect your firm from any sort of malicious attack.

Furthermore, partnering with an IT provider allows you access to the latest updates, ensuring your systems remain secure. A good example of these updates is two-factor authentication, which provides extra security beyond traditional passwords and helps prevent hackers from accessing your data remotely.

Having strong cybersecurity has become imperative for law firms, since a breach of a legal document could open firms up to liability issues and significant financial loss. By partnering up with an IT provider, law firms can take proactive steps to secure data and protect against cyberthreats.


Improved processes and workflows

Finally, outsourcing IT introduces creative solutions for increasing efficiency. Workflow assessment is essential to identify any bottlenecks or pain points the firm must address. Outsourcing brings a new perspective to find and improve gaps.

For example, a partner might suggest an automated billing system your firm never considered but significantly saves time for your team. With the proper IT resources in place, your law firm has the possibility to thrive and be competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. A quality IT partner knows how operations run within a legal environment and can even help anticipate potential growth areas for maximum productivity.


The Right IT Choice for Your Law Firm


Finding the right IT partner for your law firm is essential to stay competitive in today’s market. With Axxys Technologies, you can rest assured that your IT system will be the best it can be. Our team of experts understands both the unique challenges of the legal industry as well as how technology can optimize workflows. Whether it’s improving document management, cybersecurity, or streamlining operations, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically to meet all your needs. Contact us now to find out more about how our IT solutions could be just what you need!

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