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How to Fix Stalled Growth using Technology

Dec 22, 2017
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It happens to every business. The first couple years, you see a steady incline in business growth, you see your bottom line expand, and you see your customer base increase. But then it seems you flatline, almost as though you’ve exhausted your resources. The good news is that it happens to every business at some point or other, so you are not alone. The other good news is that there is often a few technological changes and improvements that can help kickstart your growth again.

A Complete Systems Audit

One thing that frequently happens in business is that short-term solutions become long-term solutions. This isn’t for lack of trying. Often the knowledge base for those involved in creating processes isn’t in line with modern technology, or simply, the decision makers don’t have time to revisit workflow.

With a systems audit, that all can change. What you want is a holistic analysis of your system. This includes voice and ISP audits, as well as network speed testing. If you’re in an industry with regulatory oversight, you want compliance checks to make sure you are meeting IT best practices.

What this kind of deep dive into your system does is help you reevaluate your workflow for weak spots. This helps to reset your team’s workflow, unhindered by fallen logs on the forest path to business opportunity.

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Reassessment of Productivity and Collaboration Tools

It’s a fact that technology can reinvigorate workflow. An Aruba-Hewlett Packard study recently revealed that “Employees who believe their workplace effectively uses mobile tech are more creative, satisfied, and productive at work.”

Productivity and collaboration depend on the talent you’ve hired for your organization. But that’s only part of the equation. Your staff needs the tools that allow them to maximize their efforts. Unifying software across the board can greatly improve how your team interacts. Likewise, often the software you may be using isn’t helping you reach your goals.

Try to get out of the game that is adjusting your workflow around your tech. By planning your technology around your goals, you can make great strides in collaboration.

Speed Up Sales Cycles

How your sales team engages with your customers directly correlates with your revenue. Therefore, your business lives and dies by your sales cycles. How does technology play into your sales process? Are leads being tracked and organized? Are they rated for quality, sorted for follow-ups?

By utilizing the latest in sales software, your team’s sales cycles can explode with speed and efficacy, helping you drive your revenue into the future. The right technology implemented in the right workflow can boost your ROI and can help you become more competitive than ever before.

Business Growth with Axxys Technologies

Determining the best technology for your business requires a level of technical expertise not found in many organizations. Without dedicated IT staff, technology can get lost in the shuffle. This is where Axxys Technology shines. With our professional services, we can help transform businesses with maximized productivity, collaboration and improved sales cycles. Help your business get out of the rut, and start achieving the growth you always planned for.

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