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Get a Grip on Your IT Budget

Oct 26, 2017
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Maybe you don’t know it yet, but your IT budget is out of control. You discover this at inconvenient times, and when you’re slammed with an extravagant invoice, it all becomes clear. That’s because you’re in break-fix mode. This is reactive IT. And it’s a losing game.

What we want to show you is that it’s possible to get a grip on your IT budget. And like any other kind of budget, the key is to think ahead.

Reactive Thinking

Most businesses chase their problems. Imagine a scenario where you gain a new employee. You need to set her up with a workstation, give her access to software and hardware, ensure proper cabling and so on. The question becomes, what’s the real cost of hiring your stellar new team member?

Here’s another. Say you keep getting notifications that your server is running low on disk space. The problem is, you still haven’t paid it off? Do you have $3,000 that can be expensed to bigger hard drives or a new server? Do you throw it on your company credit card? Are you guessing how much space you need?

Budgeting for technology and growth, for most companies, is a guessing game. And leaning heavily on this method of IT budgeting is a little like playing the wishing game.

Read our whitepaper: “What IT Budgeting Can Do for Your Company”

Proactive Thinking

There’s a way to flatline your IT budget. To change from reacting to technical issues to thinking proactively about how technology can help your business grow is the essence of managed IT services. And it can reinvigorate how your business operates and how you set your goals.

Managed IT services is a way to outsource your specific IT needs or an entire IT department. This means you never have to settle for lackluster IT guys who drain your resources while trying to get you to reboot your computer. When you outsource your IT, you get a team of experts who proactively assess and analyze your system, looking for any lapses in cybersecurity, any improvements in functionality, and any place where you can maximize your technology to meet new goals. All for one flat, monthly rate.

What You Get with IT Budgeting

When you’re out of break-fix mode, you can start to think creatively with your IT budget. With managed IT services, you’re able to focus on new streams of revenue, new ways to reinvent your business. You discover great benefits:

  • Opportunities for Innovation
  • Reduced Technological Debt
  • Departmental Collaboration
  • More Efficient Processes

Learn how to “Keep Eyes on Your Bottom Line with IT Budgeting.”

At Axxys Technologies, we offer some of the best managed IT services in the market, giving you a team of experts with vast industry knowledge to ensure that you pay for what you need, never more. Stop spending time and money on technical problems, especially when the technology market is filled with so much noise. Start focusing on what you do best: Running your business.

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