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How Small Businesses in Fort Worth are Leveraging Technology

May 2, 2023
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As technology continues to evolve, small businesses are finding innovative ways to leverage it to improve business operations. From streamlining customer service to utilizing available online marketing tools, these small to medium-scale businesses have embraced the power of technology and are reaping the rewards.

IT plays an important role in improving small business operations. By making processes easier and faster, IT saves time and money while increasing efficiency. With increased access to data and better tools, businesses can now interact with customers quickly and easily. In addition, powerful online marketing tools allow small businesses to reach a broader range of potential customers, all at lower costs than ever before.

As technology evolves, it’s clear that leveraging IT is one of the best ways to stay competitive. In this post, we’ll explore how small business owners in Fort Worth use tech to their advantage.


Examples of Technology in Fort Worth Small Business

Remember the desktop calculator from the locally based Tandy Corporation/Radio Shack being a mainstay in offices all over the area? These days, small businesses in Fort Worth leverage a plethora of tech options. There’s even a McDonald’s that uses automation for much of its services; it doesn’t even have a dine-in option.

While your small business may not be ready for automation, there are several ways to benefit from using tech.



It’s a given that today’s tech advancements vastly improve collaboration efforts. Thanks to video conferences and tools like Slack, companies in Fort Worth can collaborate with organizations anywhere in the world in real-time.

This kind of collaboration makes it possible for companies to be more efficient, productive, and cost-effective. Of course, this approach saves time and money while getting better results.

Technology also offers an added layer of security. Because of security and data privacy controls built into a number of applications with collaborative feathers, sensitive data and communications remain secure during times of increased competition or when dealing with confidential information. Consider the security built into Microsoft 365 as an example. Microsoft’s focus on keeping MS365 secure is a direct benefit realized by customers and users.

With technology providing so many benefits to collaboration efforts, implementing these solutions into small business operations is paramount.


Data Storage

By introducing cloud-based storage systems, companies can securely save and access information from any location at any time. This access makes it easier for employees to collaborate on projects, no matter where they are located in the world.

Furthermore, enhanced security features mean that sensitive data is kept safe and secure. Businesses can also easily maintain high standards of security and protect their valuable data without sacrificing speed or efficiency.


Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, whether natural, man-made, or accidental, small businesses need to get operations back on track as quickly as possible. The tornado that ripped through downtown Fort Worth in March of 2000 shuttered numerous businesses and unfortunately, some never recovered.

Thankfully, a lot has changed in the intervening 20+ years; fast data recovery is now possible due to advances in technology. Companies can back up and store data securely online with minimal risk of losing essential information if something goes wrong. They can also easily switch to remote work, allowing them to stay productive even during a disaster.

Finally, technology provides businesses with more reliable tools that make it easier to communicate with employees and provide updates throughout the disaster recovery process.


Billing and Bookkeeping

Technology has made a huge impact on small business bookkeeping and billing. Many businesses now use cloud-based services to store and manage financial information instead of relying on paper or spreadsheets. This process makes it easier for them to track expenses, income, and other important figures in real-time from any device.

Automated billing systems are also available to make invoicing clients simpler and more efficient. By using these solutions, businesses can easily send out accurate bills and receive payments promptly.

Furthermore, with the help of technology, businesses can easily reconcile bank accounts and generate detailed reports with just a few clicks. These solutions all save time and money for small business owners.


Customer Support

Customers also benefit from these automated billing systems since they don’t have to wait for companies to process bills or payments. Additionally, modern chatbots provide helpful assistance to customers 24/7. This feature makes it easier for them to get answers to their questions right away.

Technology revolutionizes the way small businesses provide customer support, ensuring that both customers and businesses benefit in the process.


Appointment Bookings

Automated appointment booking systems make it easier to securely book appointments. This feature makes it much more convenient for customers, as they no longer have to wait on hold or book appointments via physical locations.

Sales teams also benefit from technology, since they can manage their customer’s profiles and send out follow-up emails with ease. Marketing teams can track customer data and gain valuable insights into customer behavior, which can shape future campaigns. Finally, support teams can access customer records easily and respond to inquiries faster, ensuring a better overall experience for both customers and businesses.

All of these benefits reveal that technology has made the entire process of booking appointments simpler, quicker, and more efficient.


Securing Intellectual Property and Customer Data

Keeping customer data secure is a top priority for businesses. Without the right safeguards, businesses can expose confidential information to malicious actors to steal or misuse. That’s why it’s so important that businesses invest in technology-based solutions to protect their customers’ personal data.

This investment includes measures like strong encryption of sensitive files and proper authentication protocols for online accounts. Technology also protects intellectual property by ensuring only authorized users have access to certain materials. Companies can use software tools such as digital rights management systems to manage access and usage of copyrighted works, ensuring they remain safe from potential misuse.


Recruiting and Hiring

It’s easier than ever before to tailor job postings to specific regions or locations, allowing employers to find qualified candidates quicker and more accurately. Automation also helps with onboarding, making it easier for companies to get new hires up to speed efficiently.

Technology even assists in training programs so that employees can stay informed on company policies and procedures. With all of these improvements, technology has made recruiting and hiring a breeze!


A Better Business Through Technology

Technology provides a host of solutions that make it easier for businesses to operate and deliver better services. Consider the following:

  • Automated billing systems help save time.
  • Customer support chatbots provide helpful assistance around the clock.
  • Appointment booking tools simplify the process of scheduling appointments. S
  • Security measures such as encryption keep customer data safe from malicious actors.
  • And recruiting and hiring is easier than ever before.


In conclusion, it’s clear that technology can make a significant difference for small businesses. It provides companies with the tools they need to streamline operations, improve customer service, and make sure their data is secure. With these benefits in mind, there’s no question that investing in technology is a sound business decision.

Axxys Technologies is a premier provider of technology solutions for small businesses in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We specialize in providing innovative digital solutions that improve operations and customer service while ensuring that your data remains secure.

From appointment booking systems that help customers quickly and easily book appointments to robust encryption protocols to keep confidential data secure, we have the solutions you need to succeed. If you’re looking for ways to leverage technology to improve your business operations, contact Axxys Technologies today and take advantage of our cutting-edge tools and services!

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