iPhone Tips for Business Users – Tip #1

Jul 22, 2011 | Tips and Tricks

These days mobile phones are more than just a simple means of communication, they are a lifeline to both home and business when we are on the go. With the number of applications and features available to everyone now, there is never a reason to not be productive, except for one, “my battery died.”

I admit it, I have been out of the office surfing the Web, editing documents, reviewing SEO reports and Facebooking…in fact, I’m writing, creating images and publishing this blog post with my thumbs right now! But then it happens, I get the notification that I only have 20% battery power left just to realize that I don’t have a charger with me. Now I run the chance of missing important calls, emails and the ability to reach a client I may be on my way to see if the phone dies.

This is a new phone, the latest in technology, why is it going dead so fast?

Did you know that the average iPhone user has 40 apps on their phone, per a report by The Nielsen Company? Now couple that with 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and email always running and you start to get a good idea where the battery power goes. But these are things that should be on, so what else is happening? Those other 40 applications.

Every time you open an app to play a game, read a document, check Facebook, Tweet something, check out a video, or anything else, those apps continue to run in the background so you can get back to them quickly using the Double-Tap feature of the Home Button. These apps take up memory which can cause other apps to lock up or fail, and waste small amounts of power that add up to a lot of power together. The first time I learned this (from my wife, because I’m man enough to admit it) I found that every app on my iPhone was running in the background, 68 in all!

You can turn these apps OFF without deleting them from your iPhone, and here’s how you do it:

Now the apps you were not using are turned off and your battery life will now be extended so that you won’t miss that important call, email or last minute edit.

If you don’t want to turn your apps off, here’s Tip #1.1:Pick up the Griffin PowerJolt Dual Micro Universal Charger from your local neighborhood retailer. It runs about $12 and provides 2 USB charge ports. And grab an extra cable while you are there.

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