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IT Alert: Email Phishing for Network Credentials

May 4, 2011
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Today, we have seen one of the most blatant attempts of email phishing that asks for your network credentials. All of our managed clients have been notified of this new threat, but we want to make sure that anyone following our Blog is armed with the same information. In our industry, network security and data are the primary concern, and falling prey to simple phishing schemes such as this can put both in major jeopardy.

At no time will Axxys Technologies ever ask for your login and password information via email. This should be the case with any legitimate IT services provider, but if you are unsure contact your support team and request a copy of the IT policies set forth for your company.

If you ever receive an email such as the one seen in the screenshot below, contact your IT department immediately. Make your own screenshot and paste it into an email and send it to your support team so that they are aware of the threat. Then DELETE it. If you, or a co-worker, do happen to respond to such an email NOTIFY your support team ASAP as credentials will need to be locked down, reset and the networks security integrity tested to ensure that the threat was eliminated and no data was lost, corrupted or downloaded.

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