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IT Team Stretched Thin? Consider Co-managed IT Services

Jul 10, 2024
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Managing IT infrastructure has become increasingly complex. Small and midsized companies often struggle to keep up with these demands. IT teams in these businesses frequently face high workloads and tight deadlines.

An overstretched IT team can lead to inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. Tasks may be delayed, and critical updates might be missed. This can result in security risks and operational disruptions.

Co-managed IT services offer a practical solution. They provide additional support to existing IT teams, enhancing their capacity and effectiveness. This approach ensures that businesses can maintain robust IT operations without overwhelming their internal teams.


Signs Your IT Team is Overwhelmed

Identifying when your IT team is overwhelmed is crucial. Frequent complaints about workloads and stress levels are clear indicators. If your IT team is regularly working overtime, this is another sign of strain.

Other symptoms include delayed response times and unresolved IT issues. When projects are missing deadlines or stalled altogether, your team may well be not just stretched too thin, but also misaligned on priorities. Finally, reduced productivity and morale within the IT department can also be red flags.

When these issues arise, they can impact the entire organization. System downtimes, security breaches, and inefficient IT operations become more likely. Addressing these signs early can prevent long-term problems and ensure smooth business operations.


What are Co-managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT services is a collaboration between your internal IT resources and a third-party like Axxys Technologies. This model enhances the capabilities of your existing team. It provides additional resources and expertise without replacing your current staff.

These services fit your organization’s specific needs. This flexibility allows your internal team to focus on tasks and activities where they have deep expertise and can apply the most leverage. External experts handle other specialized tasks.

Co-managed IT services differ from fully managed services. Instead of outsourcing all IT functions, you retain control and oversight.


What are the Benefits of Co-managed IT Services?

Scalability and flexibility are perhaps the most significant advantages of co-managed IT services. Your business can adapt to changing IT demands without the need to hire more full-time staff. This allows for efficient allocation of resources based on current needs.

Co-managed services also provide access to professionals with specific skills and knowledge. This can include cybersecurity, cloud management, and advanced troubleshooting, which may be beyond the scope of your internal team.

Enhanced efficiency results from the shared workload. Your IT team can focus on strategic projects and high-priority tasks. Routine maintenance and monitoring can be handled by the co-managed service provider, reducing downtime and improving system performance.


Examples of Co-Managed Services in the Real World

Co-managed IT services are used by businesses across various industries. For instance, a credit union or bank may use co-managed services to enhance cybersecurity measures. The external provider handles threat detection and response, while the internal team focuses on compliance and policy enforcement.

A manufacturing company might use co-managed IT to support their ERP system. The internal IT team manages day-to-day operations, while the co-managed service provider handles system upgrades and troubleshooting. This ensures that the ERP system runs smoothly without pulling the internal team away from other core tasks.

Retail businesses often rely on co-managed IT services for point-of-sale system management. The co-managed provider monitors system performance and resolves issues, allowing the internal team to focus on customer service and store operations. These examples highlight the versatility and effectiveness of co-managed IT services.


Is Co-managed IT the Right Choice for Your Business?

Co-managed IT services offer a valuable solution for businesses with overstretched IT teams. They provide the additional support needed to manage complex IT environments effectively, helping to deliver improved employee productivity and security.

Knowing if co-managed IT is right for your business can be an easy decision to make. Ask these five questions to better understand if co-managed is a good decision for your IT team and your business.

Five Questions to Ask When Considering Co-managed IT Services

  1. What Specific Needs Do We Have?
  • Assess the current workload and responsibilities of your IT team.
  • Identify areas where external support could be most beneficial.
  • Determine which tasks or projects require specialized expertise that your internal team may lack.
  1. What Level of Control and Oversight Will We Maintain?
  • Understand the collaborative nature of co-managed IT services.
  • Define the responsibilities of all parties.
  • Ensure that you retain sufficient control over critical IT functions and decision-making processes.
  1. How Will Co-managed IT Services Integrate with Our Existing Systems?
  • Evaluate the compatibility of the co-managed IT services with your current infrastructure.
  • Consider any potential disruptions during the integration process.
  • Confirm that lines of communication and expectations are clear to all involved.
  1. What Are the Costs Involved?
  • Obtain detailed information on pricing structures and payment plans.
  • Compare the costs of co-managed IT services with the expenses of hiring additional full-time staff.
  • Assess the value provided by co-managed IT services in terms of improved efficiency and expertise.
  1. What Are the Service Provider’s Credentials and Experience?
  • Research the background and reputation of the potential co-managed IT service provider.
  • Request customer references and review case studies to understand their track record.
  • Ensure the provider has experience in your industry and with businesses of similar size and complexity.

Asking these questions will help you make an informed decision about whether co-managed IT services are the right choice for your organization.


Closing Thoughts

Co-managed IT services provide a robust solution for businesses facing the challenge of managing complex IT environments with overstretched teams. By partnering with an external service provider, companies can gain access to specialized expertise, enhance efficiency, and scale their operations flexibly without the need for significant additional hiring. This collaboration ensures that critical IT functions are handled effectively, allowing internal teams to focus on strategic projects and core business objectives.

Before making a decision, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate your specific needs, the level of control you wish to maintain, and the integration process with your existing systems. Considering the costs involved and the credentials of potential service providers will also ensure you select the best fit for your organization. By asking the right questions and understanding the benefits, you can make an informed choice that supports your business growth and IT resilience, ultimately leading to a more productive and secure IT environment.

At Axxys Technologies, we have decades of experience helping small and midsized businesses in North Texas get the most out of their technology investments. By partnering with internal IT teams, we help business stay safe from cyberthreats, improve employee productivity, and deliver great customer experiences.  If your internal IT team is struggling to keep up with the IT demands of your business, get in touch.  We would love the chance to discuss how our team of exports can be a good partner to your internal IT team.

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