Network Security Options You Might Want to Rethink

Aug 24, 2017 | blog

In the world of cybersecurity, you’re often bombarded with numerous “solutions” to cybercrime threats. While some of these solutions might be legitimate (coughAxxyscough), there are a few suggestions for how to protect your network you might encounter that we suggest you ignore.

Your nephew’s friend who used to work for Geek Squad

We’re sure they have the best of intentions to protect your network from any and all intruders, but with cybercrime statistics continually rising, (IDG detected 38 percent more cybersecurity incidents in 2016 than the previous year), we suggest trusting a more well-vetted expert.

The pop-up that warned you about a super serious computer virus

Perhaps the pop-up is correct, and your computer will implode in 3..2..1.. No, no it won’t. If you’re getting computer pop-ups, chances are you’re already infected and in need of a trusted network security provider.

A flash drive with all of your data “safely” stored away …somewhere…

Who’s worried about ransomware? Not you! You’ve got that 5 GB flash drive in a drawer somewhere with all of your important files. Data duplication? No problem. You’ve also got floppy drives.

You might be asking yourself…

How serious is planning for a cyberattack, really? To answer your question, it’s pretty serious. Statistics show cybercrime is an epidemic, spreading globally, affecting thousands of businesses each day. Ransomware has advanced to the point that businesses who suffer an attack may never recover essential business data if it is not fully backed up and encrypted. Unfortunately, once your network security is attacked, and your data held hostage, there is little the Geek Squad can do to save you.

Ransomware has become so devious, in fact, that young criminals can get tips from the pros. “Criminals continue to flock to ransomware, and there continue to be fewer and fewer barriers to entry for anyone so inclined to try their hand at digital extortion. The rise of the ransomware-as-a-service model has been a big factor, making it easier than ever for even novice cybercriminals with the most basic technical knowledge to launch their own customized attacks.”

Attacks have become more sinister and more frequent: an article in Forbes detailed just how fast these attacks are growing. Half of businesses fell victim to an attack in 2016, and the numbers continue to grow.

We don’t mean to make light of a serious situation (well, not too much) because cybercrime is real, and it’s becoming more sophisticated and dangerous every day. Without protection from a team of experts who know how to handle these barrage of threats, your business might bite the proverbial dust. No fear, however, because Axxys is here to help. Contact us today to learn how our team can strategize a plan for your network security. 

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