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Point Proven on the Dallas Dart Rail

Apr 13, 2013
‎ |‎ Axxys Technologies
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by Blake Britton, VP, Axxys Technologies

On that rare occasion that I take a day off from work, my family and I decided to take the Dart Rail into Dallas for my oldest daughter’s volleyball tournament at the Dallas Convention Center. It’s amazing all the technology that you see get on, and get off the train from one stop to the next. But today, something in particular caught my eye, a gentleman boarded the train and sat just across from us. He unloads a nearly empty laptop bag to the seat next to him (on the aisle) and removes a single device leaving only his paperwork and other items behind. He then lifted the device and began tapping and swiping, appearing to be working very intently; so in James Band fashion I stealthily used my phone to capture a picture of the gentleman using his device and sent it to my marketing guy, Chris, back at the office. Of course, Chris’ first response was, “Ask him if he likes it and where he works.”

So I did, “excuse me sir, sorry to bother you but I was just curious…how do you like your ElitePad?” That’s right! ElitePad. That new HP tablet device that we just wrote about in our monthly newsletter this past week, the device we setup a page about, the one we are doing real world use videos on…further supporting what we have dubbed a “game changer”. Now, he seemed a bit put off at first, which is understandable because who wants to be bothered during their commute, but he was accommodating. It was now the ONLY device he carried, it had replaced his laptop and his iPad. What makes it even better is that he is an attorney with a very prominent law firm. Since Axxys provides IT support for law firms around Dallas as well, I know that security and functionality are paramount for the legal industry due to the amount of email, sensitive client data and records they deal with on a daily basis. I thanked him for answering my questions as my daughters were becoming embarrassed by their dad talking to strangers on the train, but it proved a point.

That point is, HP got it right this time, and we are already beginning to see signs of early adoption in the professional business space. The ElitePad really is the best of both worlds (tablet and laptop) and has the capability to shift a large portion of the mobile workforce over to their way of thinking. Just as with a laptop, the ElitePad can be completely managed the same. You can track it, you can monitor it, you can back it up, you can remote wipe it, you can run apps, you can use the full suite of Microsoft Office and necessary software with it, it runs the same OS as your new desktop, it’s light, it’s responsive, it’s secure and you can do real work either by Wi-Fi, mobile broadband or offline.

Want to check out the ElitePad for yourself, just drop by our office and ask, or give us a call, 214-297-2100, and we’ll drop by with one or two to show you and give you a chance to play around with it.

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