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Quickly Insert a Screenshot in Microsoft Word

Feb 12, 2016
‎ |‎ Axxys Technologies

If you need to insert a screenshot into your Word document quickly, without memorizing keyboard shortcuts, here’s how! This is a little-known feature of Word, but incredibly easy.

1.  Go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon.

2.  In the Illustrations group, click on the Screenshot button.


3.  Choose which screenshot to insert. Word gives you access to screenshots of all open programs and windows (except for Word itself).


4.  Click one of the window options to insert the screenshot.


5.  If you then click on the screenshot to make sure it is selected, you can use the Picture Tools on the Ribbon to crop or resize the screenshot.

6.  If you want to insert a screenshot of only a portion of a window, choose “Screen Clipping” from the Screenshot drop-down.

7.  Your windows will gray out and you can click and drag your mouse over the screen to select a box for your screenshot. When you release the mouse, your screenshot will be inserted into your Word document.

And that’s how easy it is to insert screenshots – without any keyboard shortcuts, without any hassle!

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