How the Right Managed Services Provider Can Transform Your Business

Dec 8, 2016 | blog

The days of the break/fix IT support model are quickly going the way of the dodo. While historically it’s been the only option, nowadays more and more business owners are realizing the most productive and cost-efficient way to maintain their IT is by hiring an outsourced managed services provider. Not only that, but they are also seeing their businesses transformed for the better. Here’s how it’s happening:

Round-The-Clock Assistance

Let’s say you’re working remotely in the middle of the night on an important project for that morning. Suddenly, something goes wrong and your work stops. What do you do? If your only option is to call your IT guy at home, wake him up, and beg him to fix your problem now – something’s wrong. Seriously. You should have the ability to work however you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want.

Proactive Support

A good sign of outdated IT is that you are the first indication to them that something has gone wrong. If you’re the one who’s always informing your IT provider that something is amiss, then what you’re dealing with is called a break/fix company. They make money when something goes wrong with your network, then they react and start to fix it. But with proactive managed IT services, they’re constantly watching your network, and the moment an issue pops up, they work to fix it remotely. A great managed services provider is one who fixes things without you even knowing it.

Less Downtime

Many companies actually anticipate a rather large amount of downtime in their yearly (or even monthly!) work schedule. In today’s era of innovation, that’s just ridiculous. With the right managed services provider, you should expect very little downtime ­– if any, at all.

Select the Right Managed Services Provider for You

Axxys would love to be your managed services provider. We have years of experience, and many, many very satisfied customers. We’d love to make you one, too. Give us a call, and we’ll discuss how we can transform your business.

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