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Sorry, cloud computing isn’t really in the clouds

Jun 29, 2017
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We look to the sky for peace, for comfort, and for funny figures. Stop stretching your neck to find your data up there. While the clouds make everything seem better, they won’t do anything to keep your company moving. Look down. A little bit more. There you go. The cloud is right in front of you – online.

About the Cloud

The term ‘cloud’ is just a metaphor for virtual servers. When you think of “the cloud,” think about the internet, not rain clouds or sunny days. However, when you make the switch to the cloud, your business can avoid the rainy days to enjoy sunny, hassle-free days.

Cloud services replace existing bulky servers that are difficult to maintain, suck the power out of your meter, and are at risk for physical damage. Let’s not forget that they require regular maintenance, upgrades, and babysitting.

Don’t you wish you could just send a wish to the clouds to take all that stress away?

Oh, right! You can. But this time send it to another cloud – the virtual one.

Storm Clouds are No Match for the Cloud

It’s a good thing the cloud isn’t in the clouds. They are more unreliable than the servers you keep hidden in the office. Right now, if your company isn’t in the cloud, the dark clouds in the sky should make you a little nervous. Your company is one lightning strike and power outage from a disaster. The cloud protects your company from such threats with regular backups and 24/7 IT monitoring and service.

How Am I Safer in a Virtual Cloud?

So now you are asking yourself how your company could possibly be safer in a virtual cloud? Well, you don’t have to weather the storm clouds above alone when your company makes the switch to cloud computing services. We at Axxys like to think that your company can be on cloud 9 with the vast offerings the cloud has for your business.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Take a look at the benefits of cloud computing with Axxys for your small or medium-sized business:

  • Reduces operational costs by decreasing HR resources, payroll demands, server maintenance, and disaster losses.
  • Cloud computing delivers the most recent and up to date applications necessary for your business to run properly, securely, and more efficiently. When your business is in the cloud, it benefits from regular updates. This ensures your company has the latest security measures, functionalities, and enhancements.
  • Instead of paying for one solution forever, the cloud is scalable. This means you can buy as you need, increase as you need, or reduce capacity when it is not necessary.
  • Cloud computing allows your company to do more with less. Your business can reduce the size of its data center, cut IT redundancy expenses, reduce IT staff, and maximize efficiency with existing devices without needed to go through a major IT overhaul. This is all possible without reducing or impacting daily operations.
  • The cloud improves collaboration by placing interactions and communications online instead of requiring everyone in the office to be stuck to their desks all day. Cloud computing permits groups to meet more often, it provides a virtual space for conferencing, and it can reduce time-to-market delivery.

Don’t think that your business is tossed up into the clouds. You won’t find it there. Cloud computing offers safe, virtual solutions to cut costs, improve efficiency, and keep your company’s brand overall. It also protects you from the stuff that does fall out of the sky.

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