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Spending out of control?

Jul 14, 2011
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It never ceases to amaze me how businesses are cutting budgets, laying off employees and continue to let their operating expenses go unchecked for the most part.Take phone and Internet service for example, they rarely get assessed simply because this month’s phone bill is within the 10% range of last months, you hear dial tone when you pick up the phone, and you can get out to the Internet just fine with only a small handful of people complaining about how slow it is.OK, maybe I’m not that amazed.

Phone bills are cryptic, contracts are filled with “gotchas”, and account management is virtually non-existent unless you are a Fortune 1000 company.Here are the facts – if you haven’t evaluated your telecommunications spend in the last two years then the following is typically true:

·You are probably overpaying to the tune of 20%

·Your invoices probably do not match your contracts

(even if the sales guy really was nice and honest)

There are services that will better suit your needs and save you a significant amount of money, fortify your data network and increase reliability, productivity and all of that good stuff.But you are thinking where do I start, I don’t understand my phone bills, contracts, telecommunications services and I have no time or desire to learn.Oh, OK, then just call me and I’ll do it for you.

Nathan Adair | Sr. Account Executive

Axxys Technologies, Inc.


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