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3 things less effective than traditional wireless solutions

Apr 27, 2017
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Every business needs wireless solutions in one capacity or another. They are so common you probably don’t give much thought to them at all. Some may dismiss it as unimportant, or something that simply takes place in the background, but wireless solutions truly are vital to running a successful business. Think that your wireless network isn’t working hard for all it provides for you and your company? Get ready to appreciate what you have, because we are here to remind you that there are plenty of things less effective than your traditional wireless solutions.

Carrier Pigeons

The use of carrier pigeons can be traced back centuries, but they are hardly a secure wireless solution today. The carrier pigeon has regrettably become obsolete. That’s not to say that they didn’t have their time to shine, at one point pigeons were one of the fastest and most reliable ways to carry a message. The most notable and memorable usage of the carrier pigeon takes us all the way back to the Siege of Paris in 1870. On the 25th day of September, six days into the siege, three trained pigeons were sent on mission at 11 a.m., and returned safely back with their mission accomplished and messages delivered, by 5p.m. that evening. By the end of the siege, 409 pigeons had been used in communications, but only 73 returned safely. Although this may seem like a low productivity rate, France still commissioned a bronze monument to commemorate their role in the battle. While this was indeed an incredible feat, I think we can all agree that carrier pigeons just won’t cut it in today’s world of communications.

Homemade Wi-Fi

While this may sound a little strange, we have seen this one in action. Once not so long ago, an office where a man was working only offered internet connection via Ethernet cable, there was no Wi-Fi available on the premises. Well this employee really missed his social games on his cell phone, but couldn’t afford the high cost of cell provider data. He came up with what he thought to be a brilliant plan- he would just buy his own Wi-Fi router from the general store down the street, and plug it in. He would become the office hero, as the staff would all be able to resume their online mobile gaming! Needless to say, this guy got shut down pretty quickly. Not only was this router unreliable, it put the entire company’s network at risk, as it was unsecured. Numerous policies were broken, and at the end of the day it was pretty clear it was NOT as effective as our traditional wireless solutions.

Tin Cans

This one may seem obvious to someone who has never used the tin can and string telephone, and simply brushed it off as a ‘pretend phone’ for children, but the science behind them is sound. (Pun intended.) They really do work, if you can just maintain keeping the string connecting the two cans taut. That sounds easy, but it can actually prove to be quite difficult. If either party moves location, the string may become loose and you can lose your connection. If someone comes along and trips over your string, your lines of communication can quite literally be ripped from your hands. We really don’t recommend conducting business via tin can phone. The wireless solutions now are far superior, and come with quite a bit a bit less of a tripping hazard.

If you are ready to get your wireless networks up to the cutting edge of speed and security today, go ahead and give us a call, or shoot us an email- we would be glad to help you out. Just don’t expect us to respond to inquiries sent via carrier pigeons.

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