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What Your Organization Needs from Wireless Solutions

Apr 13, 2017
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Company networks have moved far beyond traditional wired corporate office structures over the last ten years, with information not only heading into the cloud, but also needing to be accessed from multiple devices anywhere, anytime.
Wireless solutions provide the ability to untether employees from their desktops. But what does your company actually need from wireless solutions?


A key aspect of any wireless solution is to deliver mobility to your employees. That could mean something as simple as the ability for all employees being able to be connected to a wireless corporate LAN network at a meeting,  being able to join a meeting virtually while on the road, or even working from home.


Single Wi-Fi access points don’t cut it in most corporate environments. Accordingly, an expandable wireless solution is a must. Whether it be for employees on different building floors or onsite annex workstations.


Wireless networks should always be secure. While you may wish to allow guests access to a network, it is vital that access is strictly firewalled-off through the use of multi-level control systems from any secure data you don’t want falling into the wrong hands. Security should also extend to a network’s ability to protect against drive-by or brute force attacks by ensuring best practice password usage and secure access.

Maintenance/ Redundancy

It’s inevitable that a corporate network will eventually require maintenance, but a sound wireless network should be able to support maintenance without taking most, if not all, of a company offline at any one time. A strong wireless network should also have built-in redundancies should parts of the network become unavailable for any reason.


With competing wireless solutions companies constantly coming onto the market, standardization is often overlooked in a corporate environment. Standardization ensures a wireless network runs smoothly while also reducing costs associated with maintenance, updates, and repairs.
Granted, these descriptions are fairly brief. If you’d like to know more about what you need from wireless solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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