Co-Managed IT Services

Dallas, TX
Case Study

Construction firm located in Dallas, Texas

Industry: Construction

Challenge: IT manager
workload and lack of security expertise

Solutions Selected: Co-managed IT services. Backup and disaster recovery. Cloud services.


Client is a construction firm focused on general construction and project management services for restaurants, retail centers, healthcare facilities, office construction, and educational institutions.

Client’s Challenge

One of the business owners reached out to Axxys to discuss their current IT manager’s workload as well as the need for expertise in securing their network environment. We met with the IT Manager to better understand their network environment and discuss areas where he needed Axxys’ help with general tasks and specific areas of specialized expertise. Specifically, the IT Manager requested help with information security for their Microsoft Office 365 environment, migration to a new server environment, and a new data backup and disaster recovery program.

Axxys Solution Selected

We selected our Axxys co-managed IT services to meet the client’s unique needs.

Our Approach

Our approach was to undertake a full client onboarding procedure, document their server and network environment, and take tickets escalated by the IT Manager for documented IT tasks and responsibilities.

The client is billed monthly for a set of block hours that includes any ticket escalations as well as a quarterly meeting to assist with IT planning and strategy. Axxys and the client have formed a relationship that allows the IT Manager to focus more on end user issues as well as strategy planning with Axxys’ assistance.

Technologies Implemented


Specialized Security Expertise:
Client utilized Axxys security professionals to better understand their current risk posture companywide. A plan was put in place to implement appropriate security features to better secure their resources and data. They have also implemented an email protection platform and multifactor authentication services.

Comprehensive Data Loss Protection:
Axxys implemented a cloud-based data backup and recovery appliance/system that gives the client local and cloud recovery in the event of a disaster or security incident. Their previous backup solution was local only, with no offsite data storage or protection.

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