Dallas, TX

Nonprofit organization located in Dallas, Texas

This client is a regional provider for a larger national non-profit organization. The client provides services to families that need assistance while their child or children are going through medical care. The size of the client is about 20 staff employees and a number of volunteers that assist the families.

Client’s Challenge

The client came to Axxys looking for a technology partner that could provide better and more comprehensive IT services than their smaller service provider. They were in search of a company that could provide a wider variety of technical offerings and options, more technical resources to work issues, and had a focused and experienced team that could address growing cyber concerns and prevent threats before issues arose. The client chose to partner with Axxys and has been an Axxys client for over 10 years.

Axxys Solution Selected

Over the ten years that Axxys has been their service provider, we have implemented:

  • wireless connectivity for their business and guests while maintaining a secure environment.
  • migration to a cloud-based email platform.
  • an updated, security-focused LAN configuration separating guest, volunteer, and staff user network access.
  • a managed security solution to protect key digital assets and client information.

Technologies Implemented


Three key results the client has realized as a result or working with Axxys.
Dedicated Team Focused on Their Needs:
They value having “a Team within the Axxys Team” that is familiar with their IT environment, their business needs, and their mission. This provides their users with a great support experience and a dedicated resource to call when technical challenges arise.
Organization-wide Security:
Security at both the local chapters and national headquarters has been a chief concern for this organization. By utilizing a custom designed security practice with essential tools, Axxys is able to meet their needs across all levels of the organization. This gives them tremendous peace of mind knowing they are doing all they can to secure their environment.
A Trusted Advisor:
The client appreciates that they have an Axxys resource that is focused not only on day-to-day IT activities but is proactive in developing a forward-looking business solution that combines design and technology to achieve f uture business goals.
Axxys also organizes a strategic planning session where it presents a yearly budget for all upcoming IT and operational needs, as well as regularly scheduled tactical reviews. The client values these meetings as essential and highly effective since they provide financial insight for budget planning and an ongoing discussion of changing business goals that drive the technical direction of the organization.

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