Managed Service: 

Called Axxys Directly

Government Contracting in Dallas, TX

Industry: Government
Location: Dallas, TX
Date: May 12, 2016

Relationship: 2015 – present

The company had lost their internal IT Administrator who had handled everything leaving them with questions about their security and compliance.

Solution Selected
Axxys Technologies
Network Assessment
Security Assessment

The Project:

As a 31-year contract manufacturer working with government industries it was paramount that security, processes and compliance were a priority of the day-to-day activities. With the loss of their internal IT Administrator, management realized that they needed to fill that position with an IT partner who has a strong security practice and experience with government business practices. Upon their first call into Axxys, we were able to quickly put them at ease with our knowledge and experience and were able to provide immediate references that they could call/visit. The company visited the Axxys office the following day, and within the next three days had signed on as a managed client.

Immediately, Axxys performed a complete network and security assessment of the client’s technologies and facility. Upon delivering our initial findings we were tasked with upgrading the firewall, wireless access points, and antivirus. By exchanging the existing soft firewall with a WatchGuard device we were able to provide Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) protection and deliver a more robust reporting view of network activity with WatchGuard Dimensions. Removing a series of independent wireless routers randomly located around the facility, we were able install a set of WatchGuard Access Points to provide a more controlled and secure wireless experience. Antivirus for the systems was operating multiple versions so Axxys suggested rolling AV up under an AV Defender umbrella for a more consistent updating, patching and scanning schedule that could be managed from the remote monitoring system.

Technologies Implemented:

  • Bitdefender AV
  • WatchGuard Firewall
  • WatchGuard APs

Next projects will include server upgrades and migration, virtualization and the Axxys REVIVE Backup solution

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