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Why you need Managed Services with: We Start with an IT Risk Assessment

Your business is only as secure as its weakest link. Since that weak link can be found anywhere inside or outside your network, it is essential to take a strategic approach to hardening your defenses. Our certified security specialists can perform a comprehensive security assessment to uncover your weaknesses and devise a custom solution to eliminate them.

How is our Axxys assessment different? We review both the short- and long-term security implications on your business with an IT Risk Assessment and a Vulnerability Assessment.

Our IT risk assessment evaluates the impact of risk on the overall future success of your business while the vulnerability assessment is a current check of your system at a specific period of time.

Why you need Managed Services.

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Step 1: Outline

Based on your business, regulatory, and compliance requirements, we will outline a formal approach to assess your data, hardware and software resources, network infrastructure, employees, third-party partners, and all other assets. While customized to your specific requirements, we will leverage the deep expertise of our certified security specialists and NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CIS, ISC2, ISACA, and EC-Council best practice guidelines to design the exact security assessment for your needs.


Step 2: Identify

Axxys will investigate all potential risks which could impact your network infrastructure, employees, and data. This includes assessing individual assets, threats, and vulnerabilities and identifying how your business critical data is created, transmitted, and stored.


Step 3: Examine

Once all risks have been identified, we examine each vulnerability, determine how it could be exploited, and the impact it would have on your business from a human, financial, legal, and operational perspective.


Step 4: Assess

Receive engaged support for your desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile hardware. With all your devices fully supported and optimized, you’ll be able to sustain a higher level of business responsiveness.


Step 5: Treat and Prevent

After evaluating your assets and infrastructure, and identifying and prioritizing potential threats, our skilled security specialists will deploy IT resources to prevent breaches, design specific processes to ensure the use of best practices and ongoing compliance, and educate your team on identifying sophisticated threats before they can cause significant harm.

Key benefits of Axxys IT Security Risk Assessment

Impartial Analysis

A security risk assessment by an independent partner like Axxys provides an impartial and unbiased review of your organization’s current security status.

Visibility into Hidden Hazards

Our in-depth security risk assessment provides deep visibility into your organization’s internal and external assets which enables you to select the right security controls for your specific needs, budget, and risk tolerance.


Axxys’ Own Security Protocols Used in Client Security Implementations

We believe so strongly in the security measures we use to protect our own Axxys network, data, information assets, and employees, that we use many of these same protocols to protect our clients.


Risk Mitigation by Security Specialists

Axxys security specialists have deep expertise and hold several security industry certifications including CISSP, Certified Ethical Hacker, and Privacy Solutions Engineer. We openly share our insight, expertise, and best practices to help you protect your business and employees.

More Efficient Security Deployment and Effective Budgeting

Analyzing the results of your Axxys’ IT security risk assessment enables you to measure threats against your company’s level of acceptable risk. Effective and efficient budgeting can then be used to implement mitigation measures based on priorities.

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