Less Popular Solutions than Using a Managed Services Provider

Dec 20, 2016 | Managed Services

A managed services provider is a highly valuable resource for your business to have, but some businesses out there still don’t see their value. Instead, they think they’re just fine handling their IT their own way and on their own terms. Those solutions tend to be a bit (a lot) less popular. Here are some of the routes some businesses still opt to rather than a managed services provider.

Your Know-It-All Cousin Irv

We all know people like Irv. These are those individuals that preach their knowledge and say, “I’ve got you,” when really, they don’t. They’ll start throwing out all this technical jargon and making themselves sound smart, but when you put your technology in their hands, they don’t have a clue what to do with it. Don’t trust your IT with Irv.  

A Spiritual Medium

So, you thought that you’d try something different with your IT, so you decided to turn to a spiritual medium. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” you thought, “they could have some hidden solution that no one else knows about.” Well, as this chosen solution of yours is currently hovering his hands above your monitoring and humming and chanting incoherent nonsense, does it look like your technology is getting better?

The Amish (or Others That Don’t Appreciate Technology)

Your rationale for this solution was, “I don’t need anything lavish or expensive or ‘fancy.’ I just need simple, reliable technology to get the work done.” So, you turned to someone that doesn’t have the latest upgrades or tech devices and thought they might bring you down to earth and help you minimize and cut back on things you don’t need. Little did you know, your chosen person underappreciates technology a bit too much. If you want to upgrade to a more efficient email hosting system, or start saving your data to the cloud, FORGET IT. You won’t find those options here.

Doing It Yourself

Unless you’re an IT professional yourself, this will just lead to frustration, and probably some a lot of crying.

As you can probably tell, none of these solutions will really work with your IT. Only a managed services provider will understand how to manage your technology in an efficient, productive, and non-disastrous manner. Contact us today to get started! Afterwards, maybe you can teach Irv a few things…

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