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The ElitePad is the Balance

Apr 16, 2013
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A few of years ago I wrote about the introduction to the iPad to my business and personal life. There were several apps I used that helped me be more productive when away from the office.  These apps mainly consisted of email, a calendar, and a remote desktop app that allowed me to connect back to server resources. While this was great there was still something missing to make me more efficient with the “small factor” computing devices. I truly believe that HP, Microsoft, and Intel have solved this issue for business people who want to take the “balance” with them. The ElitePad is a game-changer!

Let’s all be honest….there are times (more times than not) that we take work home with us. We either attach them to the server, copy documents off on a thumb drive, or email them to ourselves so we can work on them. There are other times when we try to login from home PCs and simply cannot. I think the key factor to the ElitePad is that you are taking the “experience” of working in the office with you in a tablet form, while not sacrificing the “experience” of tablet devices. The ElitePad is running a full Windows operating system that is attached to your business network. It runs the same version of Office, it can run the corporate VPN, it runs Netflix, it can run your personal News apps, and a host of other things. Check out the {modal url=https://www.youtube.com/embed/kt5wZqDDsys|width=720|height=480}video{/modal} to see our own Daniel Crotty watch a movie, check his business email, edit an Excel doc and attach it in a replied email all within a matter of minutes.

Now lets talk about what this device delivers in the office. The ElitePad has an optional docking solution that includes USB ports, gigabit network card, and HDMI out connection for an external monitor and/or dual monitor. This provides for the ability to use this as your computing device in the office. The system is equipped with ample processing power and 2GB of system memory for doing basic computing tasks. While it does not have the resources necessary for complex graphic applications but has ample power for basic line of business apps and Office productivity software. The question I have been getting is: Can this device replace the PC for some end users? The answer to me is simple: Yes.

In recent years end users have been pushing IT departments to allow for the combination of business and personal devices. Our clients have been reluctant due to security concerns, costs associated with supporting end user personal devices, and IT departments have resisted due to complications, risks, and the security concerns. The ElitePad bridges this gap with a business class operating system on a portable mobile device.

Here is another great video from HP about the Productivity of the {modal url=https://www.youtube.com/embed/EF93VYLpeS4|width=720|height=480}ElitePad{/modal}.

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