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Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Dec 17, 2017
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You’ve heard the phrase, “Leave it to the professionals.” At Axxys, we believe you should leave IT to the professionals. As the year is coming to a close, and we’re all looking for a safe and prosperous 2018 for our businesses, getting a handle on technology is a huge component to forward-thinking. To help you get there, we’ve compiled our favorite reasons why you should outsource your IT to the professionals with our professional services.

Improve Cybersecurity

75.6% of organizations encountered at least one successful cyberattack within the past 12 months.

Cyberattacks came on strong in 2017. In fact, attacks increase every year, which doesn’t bode well for companies with lax cybersecurity measures in place. Many businesses believe their cybersecurity procedures are in place, only to find out (after it’s too late) that there were easy ways into the network and open access to their data.

By outsourcing your IT, your provider can give you security assessments and regular network audits, in addition to penetration testing to ensure all gaps in your network are closed to malicious attackers. In maintaining a consistent security review, your systems will then be in line with industry best practices.

Minimize Downtime

Frequent downtime can bring your business to a halt. The three main causes of downtime are human error, equipment malfunction and malware. The question is, do you have the processes to handle each when they arise? Your IT provider can deliver the uptime funk you need to keep your business running.

Maximize the Cloud

The cloud is the future. While many organizations utilize the cloud in some fashion, the forward-thinking teams are looking to the cloud to help innovate. Those tools are the cloud. Whether it’s building a company’s app, reorganizing distribution channels or creating effective workflow for a nonprofit, the cloud can invigorate a business with new opportunities.

Save Money

By not investing in in-house, on-premise technology, you effectively switch from CAPEX to OPEX, freeing up money to work on larger projects. This means your IT budget is streamlined and you no longer are held down by surprise invoices, costly and unnecessary features, and expensive yet ineffective tools.

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Fix Broken Stuff

Break-fix tech support is the worst. That’s why nothing works. By outsourcing to a managed IT provider, you get a dedicated team whose sole mission is to make your work environment runs smoothly, because the longer they spend on your tech, the less money they make. That turns the old IT model on its head.

Free Up Internal Staff

When you do have internal IT teams, you want them focused on higher-level initiatives. By outsourcing the day-to-day technical support, you give them that opportunity. Focus on your long-term goals and strategies, leave the dirty work to someone else.

Become More Competitive

With each new day, new technology offers ample opportunities. A good IT provider can help you plan for the future through professional services, giving you the bedrock of tools that can boost your goals, turning your performance wishlist into a reality.

Improve Productivity

No more ad hoc fixes and short-term solutions that become permanent. Outsourcing with professional services gives your workflow the tools and the automation you need to take your productivity to the next level. By analyzing your systems, your IT team can eliminate the speedbumps, giving you a smoother ride for 2018.

Expand Mobility

When you’re adding millennials to your staff, mobility and BYOD services are in high demand. Use your IT service provider to create a mobility and BYOD plan that keeps your business’s data secure, while giving you the freedom to work from anywhere safely and securely.

Improve Backup and Recovery Planning

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Create a backup and recovery plan that keeps your business up and running in the face of any kind of disaster. With the right processes and procedures in place, you can sleep better at night, knowing your business will go on.

Find the Road to Business Growth with Strategic IT Planning

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