iPhone / iPad Tips for Business – Tip #2

Jan 11, 2012 | Tips and Tricks

If you have succumbed to the power of the iPad, but still have the thumbs for your Blackberry or iPhone, then you will really like this tip!

iO5 for the iPad has added the ability to be all thumbs…but in a good way. You no longer have to put your iPad down to type, or do the one handed hen peck to get your messages across in emails or searches made on Google. Now you can Undock and Split the keyboard (on the iPad only) so that you can firmly hold it with two hands and type quickly and comfortably.

This tip may not give you back hours of productivity, but it can give your thumbs a chance to enjoy the iPad too.

When your keyboard is visible, simply touch the keyboard button in the bottom right corner of the screen. The Undock and Split option will now be available so just tap Split. Your keyboard will now undock and split to the left and right of your screen. The keys will stay centered to the screen in both horizontal and vertical views to ensure that you hold the device securely.

Don’t forget, iPhone Tip #1 does work for the iPad and iPad 2 as well!

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