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What You Need to Know about Antivirus Programs

Aug 3, 2018
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When you manage a business, you have to have some knowledge of computer technology issues, whether you consider yourself an expert or not. Included in that is the general understanding of antivirus programs.

This software is essential to protecting both your company and your client data. In order to keep yourself safe, it’s worth understanding the basics of it all.

Here’s what you need to know.

First Up: What Is an Antivirus Program?

As the name suggests, an antivirus program protects your devices and data from being infected by malware and viruses. If your system does become infected, antivirus software detects the intrusion and quarantines it. The program is constantly running as a background process, so your data is always protected.

Antivirus software should take care of the following tasks:

  • Allow you to schedule regular, automated system scans for threats and run additional scans whenever you feel necessary.
  • Detect and remove any malicious software that is already within the system or localized device.
  • Scan files and directories known to be associated with malware and viruses.

These programs need to be installed throughout your network to ensure that viruses are contained and not spread device to device through shared files and email.

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Why You Need an AV Program

Downtime is deadly for any small business.

A computer virus can effectively freeze your system and bring all your business operations to a standstill. On average, small businesses lose $1.55 million each year to these technical difficulties, in addition to hundreds of hours of lost productivity.

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Experts predict that 2018 will see a number of businesses threatened by cybersecurity threats, including ransomware. Companies with information stored on the cloud can have their data held hostage until they agree to pay a hefty financial ransom.

Small businesses are also vulnerable to serious data breaches, such as the one experienced by Equifax last year. When you do not have proper antivirus protection, you increase of data theft for your clients. They can even have their entire account data stolen, which could leave you liable since the information was taken from your system.

How to Choose the Right AV Program

Your company needs AV protection designed to prevent business vulnerabilities. Free programs are available online (and likely through your operating system). However, these may not be adequate to keep your sensitive data safe from every virus and malware attack out there.

Instead, professionals recommend deploying a number of business-grade security programs.

When you choose your AV program, look for one that comes recommended by the experts. Yes, it should protect you from malware, web and email attacks – but it should also be user-friendly, easy to manage, and affordable.

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In addition, you’ll want the program to protect you from ransomware, block virus-containing attachments in “real time”, and protect your company’s mobile devices. You may also want to find an AV program that offers basic web content filtering solutions. They allow you to block inappropriate websites from your company’s computers, saving you from potential virus downloads.

For the Best AV Solutions, Turn to Axxys

Most AV software companies offer a free trial period, and you may want to take advantage of their offer. You must prepare to pay for the protection you need.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Your company can’t afford to be unprotected from these cyberthreats for even one day. Every year, hackers become more sophisticated, and they do target businesses of all sizes. Consult with our IT management security experts and also read what the experts have to say.

We’ll work with you to determine the perfect antivirus solution that fits your needs and your budget.

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