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Axxys FAQs on managed IT services, co-managed IT, technology consulting, and more

1. What are Managed IT Services?

Managed services in IT refer to any technology-related services that a business outsources to a third-party technology provider, known as a Managed Service Provider or MSP. MSP-delivered managed IT services can include network, application, and infrastructure management; end-user onboarding and ongoing technology management; data backup and disaster recovery; mobility and remote access; network, user, and data security; and data center management. An MSP can provide services remotely from their location, on-premise at the client’s location, in the MSP’s data center, the client’s data center, or a third-party data center.

2. Why do Businesses and Organizations Need Managed IT Services?

Businesses and organizations of all sizes can benefit from managed IT services. The ability to hand off technical responsibilities to a team of IT experts enables small businesses to pay a standard monthly fee for a full-time IT staff without the additional expense of hiring an in-house team. On the other hand, large organizations with an in-house IT staff can offload individual projects requiring specialization or ongoing tactical activities so their in-house team can focus on other responsibilities.

Other benefits of hiring an MSP for managed IT services include:

  • Augmenting your team’s expertise with specialist knowledge and advanced skills
  • Predictable, fixed monthly IT expenses and budget planning
  • Network reliability and on-demand availability
  • 24×7 advanced security measures to prevent breaches before they occur
  • Rapid data recovery after a disaster or other outage

3. What Does Axxys Managed IT Services Include?

4. How are Managed Services vs. Consulting Different?

A business can use standard managed services to augment their in-house IT department’s responsibilities or use an MSP as their one-stop IT department. In either case, the MSP is a hands-on technology partner managing and implementing some or all the work themselves.

IT consulting services are more often provided by an MSP specializing in business integration, transformation, and innovation. The MSP plays more of an advisory role, partnering with the client business to offer strategic guidance and develop a technology roadmap to achieve business goals and eliminate inter-departmental challenges. The client can then implement the roadmap themselves, with the MSP’s help or the help of other third-party providers as necessary.

5. Can Managed Services Save Me Money?

Implementing a managed services strategy can save you money in several ways.

  • You only pay for the services and products you need at any given time. Nothing more. There is no need to purchase equipment in anticipation of future use, which may sit unused until they become obsolete.
  • You have access to your MSP’s team of IT engineers and help desk staff for a monthly fee without paying salaries, medical expenses, and training that you would pay if you employed them directly.
  • Consistent, around-the-clock network monitoring prevents problems before they occur. That eliminates lost business, expensive repairs, and data recovery expenses.
  • Because an MSP distributes the cost of its purpose-built data center across all clients, you can benefit from the data center’s advanced capabilities at a significantly reduced price than if you designed and built your own in-house server room or data center.
  • Taking a proactive approach to malware and virus security eliminates expenses associated with removing cyber-attacks after they occur.

6. How Different are Break-Fix Services from Managed IT Services?

In a break-fix services model, the IT provider waits until hardware breaks or a service no longer works, and then they step in to fix it. Break-fix is a reactive model instead of managed IT services that use a proactive IT support model.

A break-fix provider commonly charges an hourly fee. They are focused on tactical jobs that require them to solve problems that have already occurred rather than implementing measures to avoid problems before they occur. The limited staff cannot respond to support requests as quickly as a full-service MSP, causing delays in issue resolution and client productivity. Support requests outside standard business hours may also raise costs to unexpected levels.

Managed IT services help businesses save money by including proactive IT support that eliminates downtime and unexpected expenses that can quickly grow out of control in a break-fix model. Managed IT also offers a sophisticated, forward-looking technology strategy at significantly less cost than hiring an in-house IT team. As important, managed IT services have a predictable recurring cost, enabling your business to forecast IT expenses and manage your technology budget more effectively.

7. I Already Have an Existing IT Team. Why Do I Need You?

You have a great team of talented IT professionals, but even your team can use a helping hand every so often. Axxys takes a flexible approach to IT management. That means you decide which elements of your IT infrastructure you want us to manage. Delegating targeted capabilities like day-to-day IT  monitoring, management, maintenance, and upgrades, frees you and your team to focus on other, more strategic responsibilities. The more time you can spend focused on helping your business grow, the better for your staff and business.

8. What are co-managed services, and who are they a fit for?

Axxys co-managed services are best for businesses with an already established in-house IT staff. In a co-managed IT environment, technology responsibilities are managed in partnership with our Axxys team and your IT team to optimize both teams’ efficiencies. You and your staff determine what help you need and when you need it. Are you looking for specialized expertise to develop a comprehensive security strategy? Our deep, advanced security expertise is precisely what you need. Have a couple of team members on vacation or taking an extended leave of absence? We can step in temporarily to provide uninterrupted support and step back when they return to your office. Co-management is flexible and available when you need it. Our objective is to increase your operational efficiency and effectiveness based on your needs at any given time.

9. How Do You Choose the Best Managed Service Provider in the USA?

The best managed service provider is actively engaged in understanding your business, people, and processes to develop a technology solution that helps you achieve your business objectives and add value. The MSP you choose should also have:

  • Highly skilled and certified engineers and other IT professionals on staff with in-depth expertise in advanced technologies
  • A team that works with you to thoroughly discuss and evaluate your needs using a detailed assessment before recommending specific technologies
  • An engaged and collaborative onboarding process based on a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation
  • A proactive approach to IT support and security, preventing problems and threats before they occur
  • A diverse suite of the most advanced and effective technology products and services, including advanced security, cloud, user and device support, and network and infrastructure management
  • A philosophy of providing the best services based on the value they deliver across the most innovative industry vendors rather than simply a focus on the least cost

10. How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost?

The actual cost of managed IT services can vary from client to client based on your specific needs.

  • Axxys Managed Services (help desk/support services) are based on a per user cost.
  • Axxys Managed Security Services are calculated either per user (for a specific program) or can be ad hoc if only a few controls are needed to meet compliance concerns.
  • Axxys Co-Managed IT has a pricing model based on tool costs and estimated hours based on the specific support offering. Co-Managed IT services are focused on a narrower scope of support needed from Axxys in the event of a client issue. For example: Azure cloud management, VMware management, Server Administration support, etc.
  • Axxys NOC as a Service does not include Axxys “labor.” Rather, this service is designed to “rent” the toolsets Axxys uses to support our clients’ day-to-day needs. These controls can include remote monitoring and management tools, a documentation repository, security controls, help desk ticketing system, etc.

11. Does Axxys offer ad hoc services or partial services?

While we often speak of our portfolio of managed and co-managed IT services, cloud computing, and security services, we know that every business has individual needs, seeks to achieve different goals, and wants to overcome various challenges. That’s why we like to have an in-depth business conversation with you. If you need ad hoc services or a subset of our services, we are happy to provide you with a custom solution that will meet your specific requirements.

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